UH Engineers develop magnetically navigated robots to attack and remove blood clots

[Becker] One thing that’s exciting about
being at the University of Houston
is we’re right next to the world’s largest medical center.One of our collaborations with healthcare are these tiny robots that are propelled wirelessly by a magnetic field.[Leclerc] We are targeting the treatment of pulmonary embolism.Currently there are two solutions to treat pulmonary embolism.It’s possible to use an ultrasonic toolto slowly remove and dissolve the blood clot.The problem of this solution is it requires a highly skilled surgeon,and these surgeons are not available at every hospital.The second possibility is to use medication.This medication can produce dangerous
bleeding inside the human body.
The solution we suggest is to use these miniature swimmersto navigate and access the pulmonary arteries.[Becker] We put them inside a magnetic fieldand we spin that magnetic fieldand it propels these robots and they can go incredibly fast,swim through fluid, and remove blood clots.[Leclerc] We would like to have them inserted inside an artery,navigate toward the pulmonary embolism,and remove the pulmonary embolism
to make the blood circulate again.
What’s unique about this particular design is thatit’s able to make both 3D navigation and blood clot removal.Both these things are necessary for a successful surgery.

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