The EEF Technology Hub

– ANDREA: The EEF technology hub is an eleven-million-pound
investment by EEF Limited. We train and recruit the engineering and
manufacturing apprentices for the future. – BRADLEY: At EEF apprentices are ranging
from anything – from 15 to 38, 40 plus. They come here and do five days of training –
one day would be based in a classroom and the other three and a half would be on the
shop floor learning those practical skills. – AARON: One of the main things I like
about the EEF Technology Hub is you are not feeling like you
are stuck in a college. You are coming in and it feels
like you are in the industry. You have a nice relationship
with the tutors. You say “Hi”, you can have a little chat,
you can have a little joke. It’s not pupil-teacher, you are
basically colleagues. – ANDREA:The tutors, that teach the apprentices
here in the Tech Hub, come from a world class engineering
and manufacturing background. – EVIE: I think the best thing about
studying in EEF is the tutors. Whatever field they are in – they are
a fountain of knowledge and they would be able
to get it across to you and then you know exactly what you
are doing when you get back to site. – KATIE: The best thing about studying
at the EEF Hub is everything from the tutors being so compassionate, always going the extra mile to make
sure that you are successful to the other students, we get along really well,
it’s like one big family in our group. – ANDREA: We have got some state-of-the-art equipment,
we have got some amazing robotics. – RHYS: We have got lathes, we have got pillar drills,
we have a mass of electrical equipment. – JAVAN: I recommend people to come to EEF because
millions are being invested in helping students like myself get into the mindset of
the engineering workplace. – DAVID: We treat it as
a normal working day. We get the apprentices to follow
normal routines like clocking in, clocking out and
have a set break times. Not only we are delivering skills
and imparting knowledge on them, but we are preparing them for life in the industry
and life in the workplace as well. If you are looking to become an engineering
and manufacturing apprentice take a look at the EEF website
at the current vacancies and get in touch if you have any
questions about how to apply.

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