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Hello Friends, the year has come to an end. And so has the decade too. Some say Finally and some ask why? But today at OK tested a Year Ender is what we are here to do! Team Science! Hello! (Both) Team commerce! Commerce is here dude! We are one team man! I am neutral today. I am not in team Science or Arts or Commerce. Now the point is that… How are you guys feeling today? You all will be sitting together to do the quiz. Quite Competitive. Little Nervous. Team Science is saying they are nervous.
What is this? We have never done it n front of a huge crowd before. Yes(All) If team Science is nervous,
I don’t know how we should all feel. And to be honest I studied. I thought let’s surf the internet to study something. The first thing that came was ‘ Dainik Jagran Josh’. Arts? what do you want to say? I mean at some point in the year Science has won… Commerce has won. Thanks to Tiger eye. A lot of people say that Arts have the smartest people… or smartest person…something like that. People are saying. Akshay why are you looking at me? It’s coming at me like sarcasm. No no dude. I want to say one thing.. that ‘You cannot judge a fish.. by it’s ability to climb a tree’ For this we need extra points. He knew the whole quote. These questions are like… Indian education system. No no no. These questions are not about Indian education system. These questions are about the happenings of 2019. Trends that took place. Talks that happened. News has happened. And it’s divided into three segments. The segments are.. I am not going to tell you. Because there will be breaks in between. There are breaks in between? Yes. And the fourth segment is the… Punishment segment. Where there will be punishments. And lucky winners get great rewards. So shall we begin? Yes(all) Will we be getting that grand cheque? What is the prize that we are not going to get? Oh it’s very interesting. I can’t wait to give the prize. Do you see these horns? This is your buzzer. I pull down the cloth. And you will see a meme. And you have tell us whether that’s from 2019 or not. The first on to press the buzzer. They get to answer first. Okay? Ready? And you can not keep your hands next to the table please. Let us keep things civil. For every right answer in this quiz, doesn’t matter what segment.. you get ten points. Is anyone’s hands getting colder here? Very!And your game starts in… Five. Four. Three. Two! One! I am going to ask my friends back in the crew. Who was the first one? Kanishk. Is this meme from 2019? True or false? False! Not from 2019. Are you sure? Yes.
We are sure.And Arts gets the first answer! RIGHT! CORRECT! WOOOAHHH!! We want this to go in slow motion. You guys are sweating, just wipe it off a bit. Oh Kaustubh? No no no.
Not yet. And here!!!Minus Points! But this is not allowed. Before seeing the meme how can you press th buzzer? Yeah
I know right. I am getting hell nervous man. You moved it man. I just did like this. Guys don’t create tension. Ten. Nine. Eight. seven. Six Four Three. Two One. Again me!
I heard it. We got it. He is doing this after he presses the buzzer. There is some confusion. Review has been given by the Science team. Against the Arts Team We want it for the previous question also. You want it for the previous question also? What is happening here? After a review.. it has come to our notice that.. Kanishk and Arushi have pressed the buzzer first. So guys please give us your answer. Yes! Our answer is it happened in 2019. Okay!
Ya! That is a correct answer! Killin it boys!
Arushi! We never won the whole year! But we will win today! Just a little trivia for the audience This was at a rally.. where the footballer was saying… And this man laughed really had. So people made a lot of memes out of this. Science 0. Arts 20. Commerce 0. Nobody saw this happening. What is happening today? How many does arts have? 20!Ready? Yes! Five. Four. Three. Two. One. (Kaustubh)Easy easy! YES! This meme is from 2019? Yes. That is for sure?
Yes. Right Answer! How do you know? I have seen this meme. Tagged you also. Do you know Kaustubh.. If you see his Facebook page.. He has only followed meme pages. Kaustubh is the meme master.
Science team can’t press the buzzer. Just yesterday I got to know
that my reflexes are pretty fast. Then why was I the one who pressed the buzzer!? Because I thought you are more fast. Alright ! Now so the sixth meme is.. Sixth? Sixth?? Good question. That’s how I was trying to see how engaged are you guys. Okay. This is the fourth meme. One Two. Three and Action!Okay Kaustubh. Answer is no. Answer is no? You are saying this meme is not from 2019? I am not sure, it just striked my mind. I will go with Kaustubh. Because he is more involved with memes. So I think he must be right. It can be wrong also It’s okay And this answer… unfortunately for the other teams .. CORRECT Level scores level… Arts and commerce equal. SCIENCE ZERO!
Dude I want to say had he pressed the buzzer.. the first two times. We could have gotten all four right. Next meme template is… (Kanishk) Okay! Your time for giving the answer starts now. And it’s yes! YES! This is 2019.
I have also seen this. It’s 2019. BOOM! This was the easiest I think. That is the right answer What is happening? Zimbabwe is beating India. I think in the whole of 2019.. This is the first time Arushi is proud of me. Yeah, I am so proud of youWho pressed the buzzer second? Can we know that? If they are wrong then, maybe.. No no If it’s wrong it’s wrong. Dude how can there be pass if there are only two answers?Tension is getting Kaustubh. I was just asking man. Easy easy easy. The next meme is! Yeah Boys!!!! I know! I am right! I know when I am right. Dearest boys No dearest boys. One second I want to understand.. Science why you didn’t even try I am Dhoni dude! This buzzer is not with us No no we are not good at the buzzer. (It’s Kanishk) BOOM BOYS! So the buzzer lord of today. Yes this is from 2019. And that answer… is… I apologize.. The answer is wrong. I somehow feel like celebrating. That finally someone got the wrong answer after pressing the buzzer. It’s okay. What’s there score? 20 And there’s?
Leave.It’s alright dude. We will try in next rounds. The buzzer isn’t supporting us. For everyone asking how we know … that this is from 2019. There is a website called.. Please go on that and you can verify it yourself. (Not promoting) That was a good first round guys. That was a hectic first round. In real this is Team commerce right now. That’s true man.
That’s true Team Arts.. Tell me you re at the top of mountain right now. How does it feel? I want to ask.. You guys are leading right now. How does it feel? We are not going to over step.
But F**K YEAH WE ARE WINNING!Okay! Next segment So okay guys! Because Arts has won the last segment.. I am going to go with them. So who do you want to go first for quiz? Means which team should go first? Do you want to go first yourself, or you want other team to go first.. In this rapid Fire round. Science.(Both) I knew it. Commerce,Arts everyone is after Science. This is I agree..
Even I am shocked The whole year Science was after everyone. No one said anything. You guys know what a rapid fire round is? Yah, everyone has seen coffee with Karan. It has ten questions. Per set. And the last question is the visual representation of something. Okay? Three. Two One! Mumbai Indians. Correct answer. Pooja sharma. Wrong answer. Bangalore (Both) Right answer England. Right answer Period. Full name of the film. The name of the film is period WAR. Right answer ‘Harmonium bajate the’ Correct answer! She is stabbed by John Snow. Correct answer! Egg. Correct answer! It’s not visible.
It’s very far Bring it further. Your time starts now Sanjay Kapoor That is a wrong answer. This is Varun Dhawan. We will get a point for Period right? No, Because period is not the name of the film. The name of the film is Period, The end of sentence. Yes.
True. So you tell me
Would you give yourself points? Yep! (Both) ‘Akshay you meet me outside’
Because you won the last round. So who will go next? You guys or Commerce? They will go. Your time starts now Naezy and Divine. Correct answer! Jennifer Aniston. Vipin Sahu! (Both) Correct. Vikram (Both) Rahul Bose. Dhinkchak Pooja England.(Both) Correct Answer. Kabhi Khushi kabhi Gam Wrong answer! Ranbir Kapoor. Correct Answer. Dude I thought out of us six people.. the are two who ae not deserving… but now I think It’s just me. How do you know Vipin Sahu man? Shall we start? Yes dude. Your time starts now. Sourav Ganguly. Correct Answer. 06:30 am! Correct Answer. Udhav Thakrey!. Area 51! Detective Pikachu I have seen this one. Vikas Pathak!Relax Relax.
very good. Rano Mondal Gully Boy!Arthur Fleck. The first image of black hole.Killing it dude! Amazing! I would like to ask Kanishk Dude their questions weren’t even complete and she already answered. Thank you Thank you Boys Thank you to all of you. The twist is… that in the beginning I said that.. Every round is ten ten points each But because there is just one word here.. It is a Thirty pointer.Is this the last round? Yes! Oh F**k ! These are words or who’s gonna go first is this? These are words/phrases. So you have to tell me.. Out of your team. who is going to act ? Okay so we have decided that Kaustubh will be wearing headphones. I will be acting. You will be doing it ?
Okay. So you cannot show it to him. Of course we can trust you. Your time starts now.First word.
Say again. Ye? Public? PUBG? Ye PUBG wala hai kya!!! We got one!! My heart rate is 105 right now. This is very stressfull man. I can hear the music from here. Now the second pair is team Commerce. Satyam and Kaustubh. Let’s see what they have got. Kaustubh,It’s the last segment.
let’s do it. And your time… Starts.. NOW NO! Your one minute is on! How’s the josh? I was just telling the answer. Guys! that’s the right answer. Team Commerce has given the right answer. This is insane right now. Team Commerce and Team Arts which we did not see winning the whole year. Have the same points now F**K!! Comon Arts you can do it! That was very fast I have always let Arushi down.. but this is the moment… where I can… actually help Arushi. And that is one last minute. Your time starts now! Aham Bhrahmasmi!WOAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!FINALLY! AND THE WINNERS OF 2019 YEAR ENDER QUIZ IS TEAM ARTS!!!!Arushi, do you want to say something? Everything was in Kanishk hands. This was for all the artists out there This was for all of you. All the Arts students who used to say.. We should win once We won the Year Ender quiz itself! We have won the World cup We were like reserving our energy.. Basically now we have reached the final and last segment which is the Punishment segment. Where Team Science and Team Commerce are going to
Select their own punishment. Under this red cloth there are three containers. Each container contains a punishment. Point is now I am going to take this red cloth off dramatically. When this was already covered,
then what was the need to cover it again. Can we turn the labels? No,you cannot turn anything I think we have come second
So we should chose the second option. At every place We had to answer first.. came third. Only two is left. Let’s go for two. Select anything dude. A spoon full of wasabi. Spoon full of Bhut Jholokia. This looks like sh*t. We don’t have to put more right? Action.Bro It’s burning my inside of the throat. So much fun! Okay okay
Not bad (2x) So cute! Respect dude! What a sport! So guys we have reached the ending. Team Arts. Arushi and Kanishk. How much do you like… Getting… an all expense pay trip to To! A Restaurant in Chanakeyapuri! It’s Good! Both of us want to say sorry… We did our best the whole year Team Science was expecting a lot. But we have disappointed a lot. Ours was the worst performance. And damn the buzzer! So if you enjoyed this video.. As much as we are going to enjoy the food Then. Hit the LIKE button! SHARE it with your friends! COMMENT down below! And SUBSCRIBE to Actualy it’s a little difficult. All of us have never been in the same frame before OK TESTED! Also we have our APP It’s on Google Playstore. Watch exclusive content on the app. Like you could have seen this video yesterday. But then you are lazy so… And we wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (All)

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