SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 – Official Renders & Prices

we’ve had official press renders and
pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and I’ll be sharing with the details right
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links are down in the description so as if we haven’t had enough galaxy s20
leaks this week we now have official press renders along with pricing for the
whole Galaxy S20 range we’ve also got news of a practical new feature coming
to the Samsung Galaxy S20 if we start with the press renders is shan aggarwal
has partnered with 91 Mobile’s to bring us official renders of the Galaxy S20
the galaxy s20 plus in even the Galaxy S20 Ultra first up we’ve got the
official renders of the entry-level Galaxy S20 this is of course what many
were expecting to be the Galaxy S11e but Samsung changed the naming the
render shows us a powder blue color variant which is a soft blue that also
has a rainbow color shift at the bottom the sides of the phone are curved on
both the front and the rear and the outside is entirely glass as previously
stated the glass is 2.5 D meaning it has less curvature and it’s going to be
easier to add a tempered glass screen protector the render shows us exactly
what we’re expecting a punch hole selfie camera on the front
a triple camera along with an LED flash on the rear and the side view confirms
that there’s no dedicated bixby button which means users will most likely have
to hold the power button for bixby next up we’ve got the galaxy s20 plus this
would have been the standard galaxy s11 before Samsung changed the naming
the renders we have here are the cosmic black color variant and we can see the
galaxy s20 plus is very similar to the galaxy s20 the main differences here of
course is that the display is six point seven inches instead of the six point
two on the s20 and the galaxy s20 plus has a quad camera set up on the rear
along with an LED flash finally we’ve got the galaxy s20 ultra 5g now this of
course would have been the galaxy s11 plus before the rebranding and it’s the
most premium of the range the display on the galaxy s20 ultra is even bigger
coming in it’s six point nine inches and you can see we’ve again got a quad
camera set up on the rear the galaxy s 20 Ultra is however the only device in
the range to feature the 108 megapixel camera we also get a hundred times space
zoom is labeled on the bottom lens which is a feature exclusive to the galaxy s20 ultra we also have news of a new Samsung feature coming to the galaxy s20 that they’re calling quick share and it’s basically a function similar to
Apple’s airdrop currently the only feature built into Android is the
ability to share via Bluetooth so it’s down to the manufacturers to come up
with their own solutions Google have advised that it may be something we see
in Android 11 but Samsung have already created quick share to bring the feature
sooner quick share was discovered by xda-developers after looking into code
on their Galaxy S20 plus and not only can you send files to your phone and
computer but you can also send them to smart home products like your Samsung
fridge the code revealed however that the data isn’t actually transferred over
Wi-Fi but instead it gives to Samsung’s server and then to the device because of
this there’s a one gigabyte max file size limit and a two gigabyte daily
limit but for the average transfers that this shouldn’t be an issue so with all
the features and pricing information now available I’ll quickly run through the
full specs and pricing for anyone that hasn’t seen them on the galaxy s20
range we’ll start with the most premium model and work our way down
the largest model is of course at the samsung galaxy s20 ultra and it’s going
to feature a full screen 6.9 inch curved display we’ve got a punch or camera top
Center to house the selfie camera and we’re getting a dynamic OLED display
with a resolution of 3200 by 1400 this gives us an aspect ratio of 20 by 9 and
511 pixels per inch although the display is curved on both edges of the galaxy s20 ultra it’s actually got less curvature than the previous model due to
the 2.5 D glass the phone will of course have the in display fingerprint scanner
and it’s going to be using Qualcomm zat new faster and more secure scanner the
selfie camera is a 14 megapixel wide-angle camera capable of 4k videos
is 60 frames a second we now know that the rear is going to be slightly
different than we originally expected and not the same as the initial renders
we originally expected five cameras along with two sensors but we now
believe that we’re only getting four and as we’ve just covered earlier in the
official press renders we also get a periscope lens underneath in the gray
housing so for the galaxy s20 ultra we get a 108 megapixel main sensor a 48
megapixel telephoto a 12 megapixel ultra wide and finally a 3d time-of-flight
depth sensor the galaxy s20 ultra has 10 times the optical zoom 100 times
hybrid zoom and it can record 8k videos at 30 frames a second the phone will of
course be powered by the Snapdragon 865 in North America and the Exynos 990
globally we give a choice of 12 or 16 gigs of ram with 128 256 or 512 storage
we also get support for expandable storage up to one terabyte using a
microSD card the overall dimensions of the samsung galaxy s20 ultra come in at
160 6.9 by 76 by 8.8 millimeters but if we also include the camera bump on the
rear then the thickness is 10 point 2 we of course have a USB type-c port on the
bottom with the speaker grille on the right on the left we’ve got a small hole
for the primary microphone and there’s also a secondary mic on top on the right
side we’ve got the volume and the power buttons but sad news for many is that
there’s going to be no three and a half mil
phone jack but we expected this after it was taken from the note the phone’s
gonna ship with Android ten in the form of 1 UI 2.1 and it will be IP68 water
resistant battery capacity is a huge 5,000 milliamp hours when it comes to
fast charging it’s gonna be 45 watt fast charging and it’s also capable of
wireless and reverse wireless charging both the smaller models are going to
have separate 4G and 5g variants but the Galaxy S20 ultra is only gonna have a
5g model it will of course still work on the 4G LTE networks the new pricing leak
is advised that the galaxy s20 ultra 5g is going to be 1,300 euros now prices
are not directly comparable between markets so 1300 euros is about 1100
pounds which means in the USA they’ll probably see the phone at about eleven
to twelve hundred dollars next we’ve got the galaxy s20 plus we can see from the
renders a full-screen display with a punch or camera top center the display
is going to measure in at six point seven inches we get a 120 Hertz dynamic
AMOLED display at a resolution of 3200 by 1440 this gives us a 20 by 9 aspect
ratio and 525 pixels per inch unfortunately the user cannot have 120
Hertz 8 quad HD plus resolution but they can have it in Full HD the selfie camera
will be 10 megapixel incapable of 4k videos at 60 frames a second and the
bezels on the top and the bottom are slimmer than the predecessor but the
size look to remain the same on the rear we’ve got the rectangular
shaped camera housing that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately and the galaxy s20 plus is going to have 4 cameras on the rear unfortunately we’re not getting
the 108 megapixel camera on the galaxy s20 plus it will instead it use a 12
megapixel primary camera we do however get a 64 megapixel telephoto and a 12
megapixel ultra-wide along with a 3d time-of-flight depth camera the galaxy s20 plus is going to have three times optical zoom 30 times hybrid and it’s
also going to be able to shoot 8k video at 30 frames a second of course the
phone will be powered by USB C and there’s not gonna be a three and
a half mil headphone jack the device will be powered by the
Snapdragon 865 in North America and the Exynos 990 globally and battery capacity
is four thousand five hundred milliamp hours again it will support Wireless and
reverse wireless charging and the galaxy s20 plus is going to ship with Android
ten in the form of ONEUI2.1 and be ip68 water-resistant the galaxy s20 plus
pricing is leaked at 1050 euros to 1,100 so this converts to about 900 pounds and
if you’re in the USA then I’d expect launch at about 900 to
$1000 finally we’ve got the smallest variant the galaxy s20 although it is
the smaller model it is larger than its predecessor coming with a 6.2 inch
curved display the display is a 120 Hertz dynamic AMOLED display with a
resolution of 3200 by 1440 giving us a 20 by 9 aspect ratio and 563 pixels per
inch the selfie camera on the galaxy s 20 is gonna be a 10 megapixel camera
capable of 4k video at 60fps and on the rear of the galaxy s20 we’ve got a
triple camera setup it’s actually using the same cameras as the galaxy s 20 plus
but it doesn’t have the 3d time-of-flight depth camera we’ll likely
see smaller RAM and storage configurations but it’s no doubt gonna
be incredible device nonetheless and a great choice for those that want a
smaller device we’ve got a battery capacity of 4,000 milliamp hours and it
will of course be using the same system on chips as the other two models pricing
for the galaxy s20 is believed at nine hundred to a thousand euros so this
converts roughly to eight hundred pounds so in the USA you can expect 800 to 900
dollars we now know that the samsung galaxy s20 launch is of course gonna be
on the 11th of February 2020 and this is gonna be in San Francisco last year they
actually released a 5g model separately but given that there’s only three models
this year I would expect all three to launch on that date
now pricing is pretty much what I expected it to be but one thing we have
to remember is well the bulk of this information is probably true it’s still
based on leaks reports and rumors for those trying to decide on which
model to buy this can be helpful but I wouldn’t worry too much until we have
the official launch from Samsung of course is any more information arises
I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away but as always I’d like to know your
thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S20
which model of the Galaxy S20 are you waiting for
and what do you think of this new quick share feature but thanks for watching
the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down
twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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