Primitive Technology: Sandals

Walking bare foot
Carrying water for plants
Fire wood for kilns
Clay for pottery
Stone for foundations
Grass for thatch
Scorpion for dramatic effect
Cracking feet
Cutting loya cane (hand axe is used instead to avoid damaging the hafted stone hatchet on anvil stone)
These are removed by pulling the leaves back and down. The whole sheath comes off, spikes included
More cane
Measure out a length 6 times that of the foot
Form 2 loops
Put between the toes of both feet
Weave another length of cane in and out between the loops
This is standard weaving (over under)
Pull back to tighten weave
Add new lengths as the old ones finish
Using one toe now to narrow sandal width (sandal is pointing backwards here)
Cut excess and weave back into sandal
Finished sole
Tree with fibrous bark. Fallen branch underneath
Break dead branch to strip bark
Strip fibrous inner bark from outer bark
Twisting cordage
Twist 2 strands individually clockwise and together anticlockwise so they hold together
Measure about 5 times foot length
Thread through sandal with stick (the weave is tight)
Now twist the two lengths of cord together
Thread cords through back of sandal
Making another sandal
Finished sandals
Put foot in sandal
Cross cords behind heel
Thread cords back under and then tie over foot
Stone and sandal
Carrying water
Fire wood
Scorpion approves

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  1. Наверняка было, но я кину на вентилятор. Канал отличный, видео- приятные. Но вы видели чтобы автор носил сандалии где-нибудь, кроме этого видео? Автор сделал сандалии- не носит их, сделал кирпичи- строит только из сырой глины, сделал индейский лук для добычи огня, но нет- будем вертеть палку руками, даже рядом с домом. Развивайся, ЪяЪ! Зачем ты сделал топор и каменный нож, если пользуешься просто камнем??! Автор уже добыл метал, и скоро будет с ним работать, но упорно рвёт лианы руками- так деды завещали(

  2. А есть серия, где он сделал пластырь из подорожника, чтобы залечить натертости?)

  3. Thanks for the videos, very good reminds me of a large portion of my childhood,my father was a borderline genius he taught and trained me all he could,but theres always more to learn👍🤔🔥

  4. Oh so you're the reason I used to get my ass whooped with slippers as a kid… You created my grandma's favorite weapon. ok, ok…

  5. Imagine if you pull up to school with these sweet primitive stone age woven sandals. You can even beat out that smug kid who keeps wearing those fancy Jordans with the money he got from his parents but you, no you're too good for that so you make some awesome sandals by yourself

  6. Первое время наверное спотыкается. И при опасности в них бежать опасно.🤔. А в повседневной жизни очень хорошая вещь!

  7. There was a scorpion right below his foot. Them buggers hurt when they sting you. We have them here in Kentucky. Just missed stepping on him. Lol

  8. . Sandals basic crafted.
    . Sandals basic equiped.
    . Movement speed +20. Def +1
    . You no longer lose hp while walking on hard terrain.
    . Crafting/ basic skill increases to 33.
    . Leather shoes schematic unlocked.
    . You are now thirsty.
    . You are now hungry.

  9. Moron….wondering around the jungle bare footed. You sure do not want to be affected with necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial attacking disease.

  10. Who the hell is this guy I want him to be my teacher these skills by far more valuable than what you learn in school they should teach these skills in school who will need a loan for a house then just go build one your self this guy the best thing I've seen on YouTube to date

  11. This guy: My feet hurt
    sees plant literally covered in spikes
    This guy: … I'm gonna make shoes out of that.

  12. ok dude , i subscribed , sling bow , addalay. kill something , nothing is like leather on you feet /back etc. nevermind you tube would just take it off. love your stuff though keep em coming .

  13. It's Funny As it Gets, This Guy Has No Tan And Doesn't Eat or Hunt ,
    It's Clear He Would Not make it In the Real World!

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