Open Science – Science Re-imagined

So open science is a new concept that involves opening up all your data, making
it accessible to researchers around the world – firms, universities, other
institutes, so that we can accelerate research.
Open science is a way for us to get faster access
to knowledge from data.
It’s all very well having data,
what you want is knowledge,
and ultimately wisdom, and the way you do
that is making the data available to more people.
Open science in the field of neuroscience,
we think is a game-changer,
because it will allow acceleration of discovery,
and if the problem is that the brain is complex and discovery
is slow because of that,
by sharing we will be able to go faster.
We have zero treatments, none,
that slow the course of any of these diseases.
Whether they be the dementias or Parkinson’s
or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
we have nothing.
Realistically, if we could come up with one
really impactful treatment of a
a major brain disorder this would be a dream come true.
So what’s particularly unique at The Neuro
is that not only are we publicizing data,
not only are we making samples accessible, but
The Neuro has promised not to
get patents for a period of five years
so as not to slow down research.
We don’t collect any patient identifiers.
No names, no medical record numbers.
It’s collected in a coded way
and stored in an encrypted database and
that encryption uses the same standards as your
personal banking system.
Open science allows the exploration of vast amounts
of data by many people to generate
new questions and new questions generate new answers.
This will, we think, this was going
to accelerate discovery and accelerating discovery
will mean finding things that
will help people in a concrete way, more quickly.

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