9 thoughts on “Legislators Say Tech Companies Are Failing At Diversity”

  1. How many of the 12% of blacks in the US are interested in Tech ? And how many of them that are… are worth a shit ??? Keep in mind blacks are the dumbest race on the planet… with some outstanding exceptions.

  2. Can minorities not be underqualified? The solution is not getting tougher, it's getting qualified.

  3. Racists in the comments section!! Those tech companies weed out minorities and as a Bay Area resident for my entire life having applied with these companies fully qualified and never getting responses. They are Racist!!!

  4. Whatever hopping being hired on the job for the abilities that you can do it should not be about your skin color but what about the job you can perform

  5. That is because the high-tech industry hires by qualifications not by race. Due to evolution whites and Asians have higher IQs then blacks and Hispanics. You will therefore see and do see a majority of whites and Asians in the high-tech industry this is due to Evolution and science and no amount of virtue signaling will help. So I gather they want the high-tech industry to hire based on race and gender and not on qualifications which is racist in its base form.

  6. Tech companies are a bit odd, they don't care what the color of your skin is, just that you are really good at your job. IF the black coalition would look at the numbers, there are way more non-whites in tech companies than there are whites. If you really want to change the numbers than get some black folks to study harder/better than asia or indian people.

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