IBM Z for healthcare | Establish trust at the core of your business

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– [Tony Trenkle] The healthcare
industry is undergoing
a large number of changes,
and keeping data secure,
ensuring privacy protection
becomes evermore critical.
The Z platform today is the backbone
of most of the largest
public and private payers,
as well as many large providers.
IBM’s Z provides the
tools to ensure trust,
and processing capabilities.
The advantage of pervasive encryption,
is it allows the encryption of data,
but with at rest and in motion.
Second, is protecting key corporate,
and client data from internal
and external threats.
It can be done with no
application changes,
no downtime,
and no impact to the SLAs.
Utilizing Z with Blockchain
will allow you to get to a level of trust,
and ability to ensure that
the data’s not compromised.
Z is a foundation of
the cloud data center,
it enables massive transactions,
scale, and low costs.
High volume encrypted work loads,
so it can apply machine learning
to the most valuable data that originates
and resides in the main frame
to create deeper, actionable insights,
and predictive behavior.
Z is a modern platform,
and open, and requires no special skills
such as Cobalt or other languages.
Healthcare data is the new oil,
and because it’s needed to run the engine
of value-based payments,
and value-based care,
the ability to unlock that
data to provide better care
to improve your overall revenue,
to improve your overall infrastructure,
to decrease your costs,
all these are key things
that healthcare organizations need today.

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