How Top 10 big tech companies got their names ?

Ever wondered how today’s tech giants got
their names? How search numero uno Google
got its name or why ecommerce giant Amazon
is called so? Courtesy their success, the
names of these companies are now familiar
to us. However, most of them carry hidden
meanings or stories behind these peculiar
Here’s tracking down how some of the world’s
biggest technology companies got their names
and what they mean
How 10 big tech companies got their names
10. Spotify:
Co-founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon
were brainstorming names when Ek misheard
an idea as Spotify. Embarrassed by its randomness,
they now say the namestems from the words
“spot” and “identify.”
9. Canon:
Originally called ‘Kwanon’ for a Buddhist
goddess, the company changed its name to Canon
in 1935 to appeal to a worldwide audience.
8. Oracle:
This name started as the code for a project
that co-founders Larry Ellison and Bob Oats
worked on for the CIA. It was a database that
was supposed to be able to answer any question
about anything.
7. Blackberry:
This name was coined in 1999 because the keys
on the device resembled the drupelets on the
6. Sony:
The name is derived from ‘sonus,’ the Latin
word for sound and a slang expression ‘sonny
boy,’ which in 1950s Japan described ‘smart,
presentable young men.’
5. Yahoo:
Yahoo is both an acronym for ‘Yet Another
Hierarchical Officious Oracle’ and an imaginary
species described as rude, noisy, and violent
in Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’
4. Skype:
Whittled down from the original name of ‘Sky
Peer-to-Peer’ to ‘Skyper,’ the ‘r’ was eventually
dropped to create the current name.
3. Amazon:
Jeff Bezos reportedly wanted a name that began
with ‘A’ so it would appear near the top of
an alphabetical list. He thought the world’s
largest river was anapt name for what he hoped
could be its biggest business.
2. Google:
The internet giant takes its name from ‘googol,’
the mathematical term for the numeral 1 followed
by 100 zeros.
1. Apple:
There have been several stories about how
technology giant Apple got its name. Why Steve
Jobs and other Apple co-founders named the
company after the fruit?
Quoting Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson’s biography
on him says: On the naming of Apple, Jobs
said he was “on one of my fruitarian diets.”
He said he had just come back from an Apple
farm, and thought the name sounded “fun,
spirited and not intimidating.”

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