How To Fix Bad Posture In Under 10 Minutes (Backed By Science)

Why does posture matter?
What happens if you have bad posture?
First up, when you’re bent over when you’re
slouched over when you’ve got bad posture,
you look shorter.
This is doing you no favors.
You want to look taller, you want to look
You want to look as tall as you can.
Next up, we’ve got perceived confidence.
This is how others see you.
You may have confidence, but if you’re slouched
over if you’re making yourself small, you
don’t look as confident as you could be
if you stood up straight.
And, let’s not forget your health, you should
naturally stand erect.
When you start to bend over, this can lead
to neck issues, it can even lead to severe
back issues.
So, gents, to avoid these issues, in today’s
video, I’m laying out some quick tips and
tricks so that you can improve your posture
First up, gents, let’s talk about your work
If you’re anything like me, you spend about
six to ten hours a day at a particular work
station getting things done.
How can you improve that work station?
Let’s start things off by talking about
your chair.
In style, I talk about how fit is king.
Well, guess what, guys?
When it comes to chairs, fit is king as well.
You need to find something that is proportionally
correct for your body size.
Some of you guys are 5’3”, other people
are 6’3”.
You need different size chairs because you
need to be sitting in that chair properly
and in order to be able to do that, the seat
needs to be the proper height.
So, the first thing I would recommend is to
get yourself a chair that’s adjustable.
And, I’m not saying that you got to go out
and spend $2,000 on some ergonomic chair,
although you may find, hey, I spend a lot
of time at my desk, that is something I do
want to splurge on.
I’m going to go for it.
But, I think there’s a wide variety of different
chairs that can be adjusted on the height.
To me, that’s the first thing that you’ve
to get right.
Next up, you want to look at, okay, does it
have some lumbar support?
What you want is something that’s going
to encourage you to sit up straight.
Over the years, I’ve tried a wide variety
of different chairs.
I found that kneeling chairs can work, but
usually only for a couple of hours.
My favorite right now are ball chairs, relatively
What I like about this is that they force
you to kind of stand on your toes a bit, you’ve
got to be aware of how you’re seated, and
so it forces you to sit up straight.
And, what about standing desks?
Right now, they’re all the rage, everyone
is saying that sitting is the new smoking.
Me, I’m a little bit more on the fence,
I’m going to wait five to ten years for
the research to prove it, but if it works
for you, go for it.
What I would like to see though is give yourself
There are actually adjustable height desks,
and I like that because, hey, if you start
off the day and you want to stand, but later
on you want to be sitting, you kind of got
both options right there.
Now, let’s talk about computer screen height.
Most people are having to look down.
What’s this doing, all of a sudden their
neck is in this downward position and they’re
keeping it there for hours and hours.
And, it makes sense because a lot of us work
off laptops, laptops are on a desk that’s
too low and all of a sudden, yeah, we’re
having to look down all the time.
An easy way to fix this is to get something
to raise the laptop up and this could simply
be putting in on some books or having a separate
screen that, again, you raise up.
Now, you don’t have to have the screen the
same height as your eyes, although that is
Another way around this is to put it back
a bit farther and to tilt it up.
The point here is just to be aware of how
long and how much you’re having to bend
your neck to look at the screen and if there’s
an easy way to adjust the screen to take pressure
off of your neck, then simply do it.
Now, guys, in addition to the physical adjustments
we’re talking about here for your work station,
you want to also adjust your work habits.
Leverage the 2 20 rule.
It works like this.
You simply take a timer set up for twenty
minutes and you try to stay focused in on
your work.
Yeah, you’re thinking about your posture,
but it’s going to slip.
But that twenty minutes is going to go off,
you have gotten a lot done and, guess what?
Then you stand up, you take two-minute break.
This is a great routine because you stay ultra
focused and you get to every twenty minutes
reset and start thinking about your posture
The next big culprit when it comes to bad
posture, gentlemen, your phone.
So, my first tip, get a good headset.
One that you use because what you don’t
want to do is you don’t want to be cradling
the phone like this.
This is a very bad position for your neck
especially if you leave it for five minutes
for ten minutes for fifteen minutes.
I understand, you’re trying to multitask
here, but you are putting your neck in a very
strenuous position.
You don’t want to do this.
So, for this next tip, I know initially it’s
going to feel odd, it definitely takes practice.
But, guys, this is going to save a lot of
wear and tear on your neck.
And that is when you’re looking at something
on your device, you want to be looking perpendicular
with your eyes.
You want the phone up here.
So, why not allow it down here even just for
a little bit?
Because the issue is is the amount of pressure
that you put on your neck is not equal as
you start to go down.
The further degrees you had down with this,
it puts a lot more pressure.
We’re not talking of one for one.
It all of a sudden starts to multiply and
you can do a lot of damage long term if you
look at your phone down like this again.
And I see people doing this all the time walking
around just sitting staring down at the phone
like this.
Do yourself a favor, raise it up.
Yes, you may feel a little bit odd.
Yes, it takes practice, but you are going
to save a lot of wear and tear on your neck.
Now, what about sleep?
What about the way that you lay on your mattress?
Does this have an effect on your posture?
The answer is yes because you spend one third
of your life in bed, so over time, yes, this
does have an effect.
The worst thing you can be doing, sleeping
on your stomach.
This is not good for your posture no matter
what type of mattress you have, so really
look to change this up.
Now, what about sleeping on your side?
This is perfectly fine, but you got to have
the right type of mattress and you’ve got
to have the right type of pillow.
Because what we’re looking for here is to
keep your spine straight.
What you don’t want to have is the wrong
size pillow or to have it set up so that the
mattress isn’t giving any or is giving too
much and all of a sudden your spine isn’t
straight when you’re sleeping.
Now, me, personally, I’m a back sleeper.
I do feel that this is best for your health
and your posture.
But, the key with being a good back sleeper
is to have the right size pillow.
You want to have thin pillow.
If you have too large of a pillow, then all
of a sudden your neck is going to be pushed
up and it’s going to also be more difficult
to breathe.
You also want to have a firm mattress, the
firmest mattress that you feel comfortable
sleeping on.
Now, what about posture hacks?
You know what I’m talking about.
Putting tape on your back, does it work?
The answer is, yes, I tested this out.
But is it something you’re going to consistently
remember to do?
I know I didn’t.
And, you’ve got to have someone that puts
the tape on your back.
So, do you have someone that will do that
every day and help remind, you know, it’s
like so it’s a little bit impractical.
Now, there are devices you can put on your
back and they’ll let you know if all of
a sudden you start to lean forward and your
posture just isn’t that great.
You may already have a device in your closet
that can help you stand more erect and to
have better posture.
What is it?
Sports jackets, suit jackets, any type of
jacket that is fitted to a man well will actually
help them stand up better.
Because you’ve got what’s known as sleeve
This is the way the sleeve is attach to the
jacket and if it’s off, all of a sudden
you’re leaning up, the jacket just isn’t
going to feel comfortable and it’s going
to look really bunched in there.
But, when a jacket is fitted to a man and
it fits him well, he naturally wants to roll
his shoulders back and stand I think a bit
taller and with better posture.
Now, what about exercises for good posture?
Guys, I highly recommend yoga.
And, to get you started, I got this video
right here.
I am in this video and I go through beginner
yoga exercises with Lesley Fightmaster.
If you’ve never checked out her channel,
you’re going to enjoy this.
Duke and Lesley are great friends and their
channel is amazing.
Whether you’re just getting started in yoga,
whether you’re going there for posture,
whether you’re going there for back pain,
they’ve got you covered.
So, go check out this amazing channel and
learn open your mind to a little bit of yoga
right here.
And, yes, I am in this video.
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