How Black Bolt Shatters Mountains with Sound! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

– I like superpowers that
are odd, but understandab– I like superpowers that are
odd, but understandable. Take sound powers. Some superheroes have the
ability to speak so epically that they can incapacitate
enemies and destroy objects. That at least makes sense, we know that different orders of magnitude of sound can have profound
effects on objects like glass, but how loud would a superhero have to be to destroy something like a mountain? The most famous superheroes
with destructive voices are Black Canary, Banshee, and Black Bolt, though Black Bolt is
arguably the most powerful. The iconic king of Marvel’s Inhumans, his voice is so powerful
that he chooses not to speak because of what it would do. One example that I want to focus on is in this panel from
Black Bolt Volume One, Hard Time, where it
said that a single word from this character
could shatter mountains. How could sound possibly do this? And if it could, how
loud would it have to be? First, though, let’s precisely
define what sound is. If I were to yell right now, what would you actually be hearing? Well, when air leaves my lungs, (shouts) that air pushes on molecules in its way. That pushing creates little
bunches of air molecules, and these bunches now have some energy. That energy takes them through the air, rolling along like waves
on the surface of an ocean, and once those waves reach something like the shore of your ear, that
energy vibrates your eardrum that your brain interprets
chemically and electrically as the sensory experience that is sound. (shouting)
Wow, that is annoying. I’m gonna keep doing it. The most common measurement
for sound that you will see is probably decibel, or 1/10th of a bel, named after smart boy
Alexander Graham Bell. It is a unit that
relates power or pressure as a ratio and puts that ratio on a so-called logarithmic scale, and logarithmic scales are
basically just mathematical ways to shrink and squeeze numbers. We wanna do that because the human ear is sensitive to an
incredible range of sound. Because of the math, an
increase in 10 decibels is an increase of an order of magnitude, or a factor of 10, in the
power or pressure ratio of a sound. So, for example, 100 decibels isn’t 10 times louder than 10 decibels, it is a billion times louder. The human ear is sensitive to sounds that are trillions of times
apart in power or pressure. It’s our most sensitive sense And I guess, I guess ASMR videos are
somewhere around here. So, a few decibels, oh. But, what does this
sound range sound like? Well, the reference
point for zero decibels is the sound power that
a mosquito puts out if it were flying three meters a– Ow, three meters away from you. 10 decibels is what a
human breath sounds like. (breathing) 60 decibels is the
sound a hairdryer makes, and 128 decibels is the loudest
human scream ever recorded. R.I.P. headphone users. (inhales) Just kidding, but
that’s where the pain threshold for sound starts. At 153 decibels, the sound energy alone is enough to vibrate your
vocal cords in your throat to make swallowing difficult. And at 200 decibels, that’s what a Saturn 5 launch sounds like, and it’s loud enough to kill you with its sound energy alone, but we’ll get to that a little bit later, and we’re not even in
Black Bolt territory. (screams) From sources of sound power come what we actually feel, sound pressure. At a little over 194 decibels, the pressure waves from a sound are at atmospheric pressure,
and so any sound waves above this value become distorted and dangerous when traveling
through Earth’s atmosphere. A blast wave. Now, we’re talking. (shouts) For our purposes, the
pressure waves that we need are gonna come from massive explosions. This one was called Cannikin and it was the largest
underground nuclear explosion the U.S. ever tested. When it detonated, the
ground lifted six meters, and then shook like it
was experiencing a 7.0 earthquake, and it shattered
the surrounding mountains. Looks epic enough for Blackagar Boltagon, his real name. Explosions like this are in the 250 decibel range. So, if Black Bolt opened his mouth and this kind of sound came out, and all of that sound went perfectly into the mountain, let’s say
he was almost close enough to touch the mountain with his mouth, then he would have a pretty
good chance at cracking it, just like the comics say. But, sound power is dependent on time. Even if a Saturn 5 rocket
is loud enough to kill you, if it only emitted that
sound for a nanosecond, you’d be fine standing right next to it. So, if Black Bolt’s
mountain-shattering word took one second to say, crack, then it would be a nuclear-bomb amount of energy in total, like we said, but what if he kept talking? (shouts) If Black Bolt recited my favorite scientifically-minded speech, Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot speech, for a little over three
and a half minutes, then the total amount of
energy leaving his face would be the same amount
that a hurricane puts out in four seconds. In 2016, according to The Guinness Book of
World Records, though, Ashwin Sudani spoke nonstop for over 75 hours, and if he did that, the amount of energy that Black
Bolt would put out in total would be on-par with the
2004 Indonesian earthquake, and that shortened the
Earth’s day by milliseconds. Up until this point, we’ve
been assuming that Black Bolt can channel all the sound
power that he holds, perfectly into the objects
that he seeks to destroy, but that doesn’t really work
unless he’s close enough to, (smooching) to kiss it. (laughs) In reality, using a sound-based power would be a lot more complicated. When Black Bolt spoke,
if he was on the ground, what would come out
wouldn’t be a perfect beam. It would be closer to an
expanding hemisphere of sound, and as this hemisphere expanded, the sound pressure would decrease, such that if you were
only 200 meters away, even if Black Bolt had the
voice of a nuclear bomb, you’d be fine. I mean, your eardrums would rupture, but you wouldn’t immediately die. And Black Bolt’s superpowers can be suppressed easier than you think. That’s because powerful sound waves have a lot of trouble switching mediums, like going from air to
water, or from air to rock. (shouts) That’s why NASA puts 300, yep, hundred thousand gallons of water underneath large rocket launches. The water acts to break up the sound waves and absorb some of their energy. If they didn’t do this, a large rocket would
rip the launchpad apart with sound alone, so in theory, you could silence Black Bolt with water. But, of course, it would
have to be a lot of water and it could– That’s enough. Oh, I’m covered in water, oh. Furthermore, mega sound power is one of the least useful abilities for a guy who frequens deep space and the moon. Without a medium full of stuff to transfer sound energy through, like the Earth’s atmosphere, Black Bolt’s sound energy
wouldn’t be able to propagate. In space, as they say, no one can hear you scream. So, how does Black Bolt
crack mountains with sound? How do sound-based
superheroes do any damage? By magically, somehow,
throwing so much air so forcefully out of their mouths that the resulting sound
isn’t really sound, it’s more like a blast
wave that you’d find in a large-scale explosion. To do what we see him do in the comics, Black Bolt would need near-inside-a-nuclear-bomb-like pressures, right behind his lips at all times, and maybe even thousands of
times more pressure than that, given all the caveats that we mentioned. Either way, catastrophe, right here. I get why he stays silent. Hey, do you know that you actually do sound different in a recording? Have you ever listened to yourself, you hear yourself when you speak, and have you ever heard
yourself in a recording? You’re like, “Oh, do I sound like that?” No, you actually don’t. So, when you speak, what you are hearing is filtered through a lot of other stuff. Through the bones of your skull, and your skin and all this nonsense, and it changes the sound that
is your voice that you hear. But, on a recording, it doesn’t
get any of that filtering, it is just your voice filtered
through no skull of yours with its certain shape and stuff. So, you actually do sound
different on a recording and it is always worse. Thank you so much for watching, Amanda. If you like this video, make
sure to like and subscribe, check out Muskwatch, check out The S.P.A.A.C.E. Program on Project Alpha where if you sign up now for a free 30-day trial, you can get this show two
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