Full Titans Live Webinar, Fall 2019

Good evening this is Terri and Todd and
welcome to another Ask Titans Live
webinar. We are super excited to be with
you again this evening. As Jason said
earlier we are here to help you get
through the registration process for the
2019-2020 fall term. Whether you are a
current student, returning, having been
here before, or whether you are brand
spanking new students who are coming to
SPC for the very first time our goal this
evening is to help you get through the
process and get started on your way to
taking the next steps of achieving your
dreams. Todd, in fact I’m wondering who out there is a new student and who’s a
returning student. If you wouldn’t mind,
Jason, will you pop up in the chatbox, I’d
like everyone to take a poll, let us know
if you’re brand new student to St.
Petersburg College or if you’re a
returning student registering for you
know your second, third, fourth term here
at the college and while you’re doing
that, I know Todd’s got some other great
news too some great information to share.
Yes. Terri and I are going to be talking more or less about general information as it
relates to the different processes whether it’s financial aid, registration,
admissions, past due balances and
things of that sort.
However, we do realize that some of you
have more personal issues that you’d like
to get assistance for and get one-on-one
service. But guess what Terri, we have
one-on-one service to provide. We have
experts that are going to be online
waiting to help you with your individual things that need to be taken care of.
That’s fantastic. We have staff from all over
the college who are standing by waiting
to help you this evening as you try to
get registered for the fall and get
ready to go and in fact, you know the
poll, I do want to do another poll
because I want to know why students
haven’t registered yet so if you
wouldn’t mind and I know it’s two polls
in a row but if you wouldn’t mind just
let us know what the reason is you
haven’t registered. There’s going to be a
few items on that poll, test scores,
financial aid, no transcripts, a hold on
your account. Let us know because that’s
going to help us sort of decide where
this webinar goes and while you’re doing
that I want to talk about some fun stuff.
I want to talk about what I loved to do
last time which was give away prizes.
We gave away a ton of swag bags last
time, we gave away Titan towels and Titan
t-shirts and Titan water bottles.
We’ve even got these little Titan
chargers that things for chargers for
your phone that we can give away. So we
want to give those away and in fact last
webinar we gave away to one lucky winner
free tuition for a three-credit class
valued at $389 and I want everyone to
say hi to Logan. Hi Logan! Congratulations
to Logan again. Logan was our winner last
time and tonight one of you is going to
be the lucky winner of that three-credit
tuition class, paid at $389. That’s awesome!
I don’t know Todd, I’m excited about that. In
fact Todd, I’m feeling it. I want to give
something away. Jason who’s in the
chatbox? Let’s give something away.
Becca! Becca, hi thank you
for logging in. If you will put your last
name and your t-shirt size in that chat
box we’re gonna send you a Titan swag
bag full of Titan merch so that you can
show you’re proud to be a Titan. All right, now getting back to again some of those
individual issues we’re gonna talk a
little bit later about how exactly to do
that. We do have a mechanism set up for
you. It’s going to be a survey that you
all can complete to it to tell us what
are you more in need of and as I said
before once you complete that you’ll be
able to get that one-on-one assistance
for you someone will call you this
evening and if we can’t get to you this
evening we will get to you within the
next 24 to 48 hours. You will get a phone
call to get some one-on-one assistance
for what those things are that you need
to help yourself. Now we realize that
everyone is not going to be able to get
registered by Monday, August 19th. But
that’s okay, Todd. Do you know why? Yes, I do.
Because the college, St. Petersburg
College, doesn’t just have classes
starting on August 19th. We’ve got a
variety of sessions for this fall term.
In fact, we’ve got six starting dates and
I want, I want to just show everyone if
you go to our main web page go to spcollege.edu, you’re going to see this
lovely picture here with these two
students in safety goggles looking at
each other and you can click down here
choose any of our six starting dates if
log in here you’re going to see that
we’ve got regular full-term classes.
Those are the classes that start August
16th. 19th.
We’ve got-August 19th thank you-we’ve got
first eight-week session classes that
start that same day, we’ve got weekend
classes that start August 23rd,
we’ve got express classes that start in
September on the 16th and eight-week 2
that start October 14th and then we’ve
got dynamic dated classes that start and
end throughout the term. So you can go
into any of these, I want to, I want to go
into weekend classes because if you can’t
get in for this Monday, you might be
ready to go by Friday, you might get get
whatever is stopping you from enrolling
and be ready to go by Friday. So if I
click “find weekend classes” it’s gonna
pull up all the weekend offerings for me
and what I want to show you is not just
how many fabulous offerings we have for
a weekend college, which is a great
option for those of you who work, who say
“I can’t make it to school, I’m at work,” we
offer Saturday classes what better way
to continue your education. So but I want
to talk to you, on the left side of your
screen look at this filter. You can
filter by session so I just clicked
weekend I could also click Express if I
wanted. I can click by campus if I
have a particular campus. If I want an
online class, if I want to blended class,
if I want to fully face-to-face class,
and I can then filter it that way so
let’s say I want online classes that
are starting for weekend and Express.
I’ve got a couple pages of classes I can
go through that I might be eligible to
take for this fall that don’t start
August 19th. They start after Monday. Now
we do have a question so I want to go to
Vincenzia. I hope I’m pronouncing that
right. What a beautiful name. And it says
“How do I access the online classes that
I have registered for?” And that is a
great question, and guess what? Because
you asked such a great question, you’re
getting a swag bag. Vincenzia, can you
enter your last name and your t-shirt
size in the chatbox and we’re going to
send you a swag bag as well and
what I want to tell you is when you log
into your MySPC portal, let me toggle back
and I can show you real fast
My apologies why isn’t it toggling.
There we go, so we’re looking at Logan
again. Hi, Logan!
I’m gonna toggle here. When you click on
your and you log in to your tile page,
we’re gonna talking about the “My Status”
tile but if you look over to the left,
you’re gonna see on “My Courses” tile.
That’s how you get access, that’s our
online learning platform, and that’s how
you gain access to your online classes.
Please note, classes are not going to
show up today.
They usually show up the Friday before
the start date of classes. That’s when
you can go in, look at your syllabus and
then start preparing for classes that
that will start either that following
Monday or following week. So now what we
can do is get into the agenda what we
are going to discuss this evening.
So tonight’s agenda, we’re going to talk
about to-do list items, we’re gonna talk
about paying how to pay the application
fee. Todd’s going to go through the
financial assistance process, then we’re
going to talk about types of holds,
pop-up messages that are often seen in
common enrollment error messages. These
are the things that we find students
often experience when they’re trying
to enroll in classes and as we move
toward that I’m going to answer your
question, Becca, in just a moment you’re
gonna you’re gonna hear me talk about
that and I want to move now to just
logging into the portal.
Finding your “My Status” page, and looking
at your to-do list. And this page shows a
typical to-do list.
It shows items needed like test scores
placement levels, and Becca, that’s what
you had a question about. Or advising
session. Now test scores, placement levels
Becca, that depends on quite a few things.
If you’ve previously attended college or
if and when you’ve graduated from
high school, if you’re from a Florida
public high school and your graduation
date, but if you, for sure if you attended
a private school, if you’re coming from
an out-of-state high school, or you’ve
earned a GED, that placement test would
definitely be required. If you’re
wondering, I suggest you complete the
LIT survey and ask
to speak to an academic adviser who’s
going to be able to answer that question
for you in particular. Now getting back
to the to-do list item, this or the to-do
list, I’m sorry, on your “My Status” page
that really is the area you want to
focus on. Completing those items so that
you can enroll in classes. You’ll see on
the left a to-do list that is for a new
student who maybe is just bringing in a
high school transcript. The student isn’t
bringing in any college transfer credit
work. And then on the right, you see
a longer to-do list for a student who
might have applied to a baccalaureate
program, okay. Now one of the first things
you’re going to want to do is pay your
application fee. When you’re on that “My Status” page, if you scroll down under
finances, you’re going to see a link to
pay application fee and really what I
want to talk to you about here is that
our system is not compatible with Safari,
so if you’ve got an iPhone, don’t use
that to pay your application fee. You’re
going to need to get onto a computer,
you’re going to need to use Firefox or
Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to
pay that application fee. And if you’re
showing you’ve paid the application fee,
if you know you’ve done that but it’s
still showing an outstanding balance, you
can always reach out to our business
office. The contact information is
provided on the screen here. But
tonight because we’ve got people
standing by, I want you to complete that
survey. I want you to complete the Titan
survey and request to speak to someone
in the business office and they’ll be
able to help you with that
now we’re gonna segue to Todd talking
about some financial aid items and and
how that process takes place before we
do that we do have a great so yeah the
shores what’s a move on
so Cisco wanted to know are my online
classes at my own pace yes they are it
those classes are what we call
asynchronous you can log in and log out
at any time the professor would let you
know if there was a specific time you
needed to log in maybe for a particular
lecture or something what what you want
to particularly pay attention to Cisco
is that you are submitting coursework
and any tests are taken by the due date
and time date and that’s all in Eastern
Standard Time but as far as the online
class you can log in and log out and if
if the assignment is open you can
complete it and as long as you complete
it by the due date you’re good to go
and we have another question from Carrie
says when I was registering I was on a
totally different screen and it was more
difficult to use again how do I get to
that screen okay so you want to know how
to get to the registration screen within
your my SPC portal so you are going to
log in just a minute Todd I’m gonna flip
back and I’m going to yeah minik
actually I’ve got a scroll I don’t know
how to get out
my apologies guys we’re gonna go through
quite a bit here to get to the ending
of my presentation
steps to register so you’re gonna click
at the top you’re gonna click on
register for classes Kari you’re gonna
click on enroll and then you’re gonna
click on add a class and then down here
where it says enter class number you’re
gonna enter that four-digit class number
that you would find from searching for
classes on our website okay and I hope
that answered your question if it didn’t
I recommend you complete that Titan
flood survey and an academic adviser can
walk you through that process to find
the exact class you need okay alright so
getting back to financial aid Todd let’s
talk about how students can apply for
and all the process so that they can
ensure aid is in order so that they can
pay for classes and right now what we’re
going to discuss is basically what to do
once you’ve been awarded finally you’ve
begun the financial aid process now as
Terry alluded to earlier we have but to
do this as well the same list that you
would go to your – PC to find out for
academic issues or admissions you’ll
also find it to do lists for your
financial aid outstanding items as well
and this is just a sample of what it may
look like once you go to this list
please understand the the outstanding
documents or items on your mouth but we
also have these live links that you can
see here in the middle that you can
click on at any time and get additional
information so for this particular one
we’re talking about 2017 text transcript
information but if you click on that
it’s going to bring you to a point where
it provides more information on what
we’re actually asking for and then you
can also see the two options that you
have here whether you are filing taxes
or you file taxes as an individual or
whether you file those taxes as a joint
or married couple but either way you
will get the additional information that
you need as well as the live links to
those forms that we are asking for if
you click there now going back to your –
PC page you can see this quite a bit of
information here regards to financial
aid you can come here you can take a
look at the aid year to ensure that
you’re in the right place at the right
time you can see a
status we’ve received a FAFSA for this
particular individual this particular
person was not selected for verification
and also you can see what the current
SAP status is in this particular student
is meeting academic progress so they’re
in good standing and ready to go now you
can also come here to take a look at
your financial aid awards okay and this
is going to get us to the point where
we’ve had quite a few questions that
came in asking hey what do I do
once I’ve been awarded financial aid so
what you would do is go to my SPC click
View Awards make sure you click the
correct academic year in this particular
time is going to be 2020 of the 2019 20
academic year and then you’re going to
be brought to this place okay this is
your conditions of financial assistance
once you did here this is where we bring
you the very first time that you’re
coming in and take a look at your
financial aid awards please be sure to
read through this document it will let
you know a lot of different things to
expect them to look for as you move
through the process or just to give an
example the book line of credit that’s
something that some individuals call a
file but not all but most of our
students do qualify for that we also
talked about what happens if you
withdraw from classes how that might
affect your financial aid so again be
sure to read through the conditions of
financial assistance and once you do
then you just click at the bottom that I
agree to these terms and that’s going to
bring in to your actual award for the
academic year now the only awards that
we have to actually accept and/or
decline or student loans all grants and
scholarships will automatically accept
those within the system because that’s
all free money in this particular case
you have two loans represented here you
have your direct sub and your direct
unsub so once you click here and accept
it’s going to open up another column
here that gives you the opportunity to
go in and adjust those amounts please
when we offer you these loans we are
offering you the maximum amount that you
possibly can qualify for based on your
enrollment the only thing that you can
do here is accept it for the amount that
has been offered or you can reduce it in
this case it’s going to be reduced down
to $2,000 and then also to you need to
go make a decision on what you’re going
to do the next law in this particular
case they’re going to be con it and you
click the submit button and everything
is done there for you
now the next thing that you’ll get to do
once you’ve done that you can go back
and take a look at what your financial
aid status is overall now that you’ve
accepted those awards again take the
correct aid year
and here you have it these are the
awards for the academic year fall in the
spring represented and then it’s broken
up by term here you have the fall term
and you have this spring term and those
are the direct amounts that you would
get based on they’re awarded to accepted
for the academic year
now Todd if a student has a question
they can contact financial aid advisors
tonight right you can complete that
Titans alive survey and I want to let
you know so Freddie how to had a great
question and Freddie you asked if one if
somebody has to pay the application fee
before being able to speak to admissions
or financial aid or an academic adviser
absolutely not
you’ve completed that application you
are now part of the Titan family and you
should reach out for assistance and and
we don’t need that application for you
we’ll need to pay that for any transfer
credit to post and in order to enroll in
classes but until that time you can
speak to anyone of us and and kind of
move through the process and because of
that Freddie guess what
I’m sending you a swag bag Freddie put
your last name and the size of your
t-shirt in the chat box and we’re gonna
send you some free stuff all right
and today it’s ready I’m gonna go step
further you don’t even have to apply in
order to come get information on
financial aid absolutely anytime you
walk through those doors seeking
assistance we are here to help you
whether you’ve applied here or not
whether you’ve paid your application fee
or not we’re here to help you you don’t
always get this system that you need
definitely will know the course it does
Jennifer wants to know how do I register
if the class I need to take for my
program is closed I would recommend that
you search for other sections or
offerings of that same class if you’re
unable to find what you’re looking for
Jennifer then I recommend reaching out
to your assigned advisor and who will
more than likely direct you to the Dean
of the program to help you get enrolled
in that class but I would recommend
reaching out to your academic advisor
first to find out there might be another
class that’s part of your curriculum
that’s offered at a good day and time
and maybe you could take that this term
and then the closed class you could take
in it in a future charm okay now this
time I want to move back to what we were
share with you about the one-on-one
assistance that we can provide this
evening ain’t your night if you take a
look here at this screen you can see
that we have a survey and the link to
this survey is going to be provided to
you and you can see here you have
different choices Admissions and Records
academic advising financial aid and the
business all
all you need to do is hit the drop-down
arrow here and decide which one it is
and just go ahead and go to the next
screen and put in your information so
next for your name you student ID and
also to your phone number and we will
give you a call tonight again we have
quite a few people that are logging in
this evening so as I say it we may not
get to you tonight we’re going to do
everything that we can to do so but if
we don’t get towards you tonight we are
going to get in contact with you in the
next 24 to 48 hours yeah it definitely
will be from what I understand we’ll be
calling up until about 8 o’clock this
evening if you don’t get a phone call by
then you you will receive a phone call
within the next 48 hours we are here
where our job is to try and get you
enrolled and and get you moving forward
through the process as best we can so
that’s that’s where our efforts will be
going so definitely fill that out and
someone will get back to you a good time
for another giveaway Jason give me a
Kelly Kelly we’re gonna move on to
common Holtz in a minute but Kelly I’m
gonna send you a swag bag you’re gonna
get a t-shirt and you’re gonna get a
water bottle and you’re gonna get a
Titan towel if you’ll just put in your
t-shirt size and your last name in the
chat then we’ll be happy we’ll be sure
to send that to you it sounds good all
right so I want to move on to some
common holds we have I know that Rebecca
asked a question earlier about flexible
placement some of the some of the holds
that we’ve got our test scores placement
levels flexible placement missing
transcripts permanent resident card and
a business office hold so I’m gonna go
through those rather quickly and talk to
you about him that tests course
placement levels hold if you’ve got that
you are required to complete that
testing if you’re an out of state high
school graduate if you’ve got a GED
transcripts if you graduated from a
private high school if you’re a
homeschooled student and then if you
graduated from a florida public high
school before 2007 or start a grade 9
prior to the 2003-2004 school year now
testing may or may not be required if
you’ve completed any other college
at another institution that’s regionally
accredited and depending on where and
when you graduated and again we can also
take in lieu of test scores a CT or SAT
test scores that have been taken within
the last two years so if you have tests
course placement levels and you’re
unsure I want you to complete that Titan
survey I want you to select academic
advising and I want you to talk to an
adviser tonight to determine if that’s
going to be required for you or not now
the next type of hold I want to talk
about is flexible placement that’s where
that high school comes in again students
with a flexible placement hold it was
based on when you graduated from high
school and that you’re a Florida public
high school graduate and those dates you
have to reach out to an advisor to have
that removed they’re gonna discuss
initial course recommendations with you
and they’re gonna they’re gonna remove
that hold for you
so definitely fill out the Titan survey
and reach out about that hold missing
transcripts are sometimes a hold for
some of you returning students students
have a one semester grace period to get
us those college transcripts they can
get us unofficial and with an unofficial
and advisor can look and possibly waive
those placement testing holds for you if
you’ve got those prior to getting the
official transcripts in but you would
need to get those official transcripts
in after the one term grace period if
there’s something holding you up from
being able to pay off maybe a balance at
your previous college and that’s why you
can’t get the transcripts we’ll work
with you you can reach out to Admissions
and Records and on a term by term basis
you can provide proof of payment and
that holds can be removed allowing you
to register for that term and then the
following tournament wait would have to
be done again you know we would do that
on a term by term basis so you would
reach out to admissions top records at
SP college edu now I do see we have
another question in the chat from
Coleman and Coleman’s asking does my
previous undergraduate GPA play any role
financial aid made available to me also
what if my income has drastically
changed between 2017 and now that is a
great question Coleman and guess what
you’re getting a swag bag put your last
name into t-shirt size in the chat box
and we’re gonna send you some some great
SPC merchandise to make you proud to be
a tight ok call me let me address the
first question again about whether your
previous GPA I will play a role in your
financial aid here at st. Petersburg
College yes possibly it can it just
depends on the credits that you’re going
to bring in and it’s going to be
transferred over at the end of those
previous grades can be can go towards
your current degree program in other
words if they can meet requirements for
your current degree program then yes
those grades that are coming in will
play a role in your satisfactory
academic progress which is what we look
at from a financial aid perspective so
yes it could play a role if they’re
coming on something totally different in
those grades are not going to be
required or can’t be required for the
current degree program then those grades
will not play a role in what you get
here at st. Petersburg College now the
other question was what if the income is
Jessica changed since 2017 well first
and foremost if you have already done
the FAFSA you need to go ahead and
complete the FAFSA regardless of the
change or not the initial FAFSA is going
to be based on your 2017 income now
after you submit the FAFSA and what I
recommend that you do is come in to
speak with the financial aid advisor if
you are a distance student you can’t
come in you can also call one of our
online under fit advisors to get some
assistance what they would do is they
will listen to your situation and they
all assess that and let you know if you
qualify to do what is called a
professional judgement it’s based on
change in circumstances again typically
we do have issues where individuals have
lost their jobs or something along those
lines and so yes there’s been a drastic
change in income and those are things
that we can consider but you will need
again complete the initial FAFSA it will
have to be based on your 2017 income
we have another question that it’s also
in the financial aid realm it’s about
book line of credit how that works
Carrie needs to purchase books through
financial aid if possible
that’s what previously occurred and
wanting to know how that works again
let’s look at it this way again I’ve
already showed you how to go and take a
look at what you’ve been awarded so
basically you just take the amount of
financial aid that you’ve been awarded
for the term okay you compare that to
the fees that you have outstanding for
the term and based on your enrollment as
long as you have enough on its laid to
cover those fees and then some leftover
after that the portion that is left over
can be used for what we call a book line
of credit and a book line of credit is
anywhere from $100 to $800 and so if you
have enough left yes we can provide what
is called a good amount of credit to
give you an advance if you will all you
have to do is go to the bookstore show
your picture ID it could be a java’s
license or your student ID and then
there will allow you to purchase your
books and what they would do is they
were credited to your account once we
draw the funding down from the state or
from the federal government in regards
to your financial aid award we will pay
off your outstanding tuition and fees
and we’ll pay off the book line of
credit there’s anything remaining after
that and that will come to you and a
refund so yes you can use financial aid
to help you purchase book
however only if you have enough
financial aid to cover your fees and
have something left over after that
that’s great great information Todd
thank you I want to remind everyone that
chad is not being monitored for specific
questions please use this Titans live
survey or the Q&A tool if you have a
specific question it’s more for general
questions and for our polls and then to
let us know your shirt size and your
last name when I give away those swag
bags and Bradley you’re getting a swag
bag put your last name and t-shirt and
Bradley wants to know tell me again how
to go to available classes to register
so Bradley let me show you real quick
you can go to our main web page
Espie college.edu and you can click this
link choose any of our six starting
dates and it’s gonna log you into all of
our all the sessions within the fall
term you can pick any one of those it
doesn’t matter I’ll pick even regular
that starts Monday even though I’m not
gonna be ready for classes Monday I can
tell you Todd I’m not ready yet but I
can click on that it’s alright it’s okay
if I’m not because then on the Left I
have all of these filters I can utilize
to find the class I need and then
there’s also a class search
alphabetically up above okay so I hope
Bradley that that helped you out put
your last name of t-shirt and you’re
going to get some Titan swag from me I’d
like to go back we were talking about
book line of credit before Todd and if I
can I’d like to Segway real fast
everyone if your FAFSA is not set up
right now but you are in a position
where you can pay out of pocket while
you’re waiting for all of that to
process so that you can move forward and
enroll in classes I wanted you to I
wanted to talk to you about a great
option it’s the tuition payment plan
it’s offered through Nelnet and it is
available you can find it by logging
into your my SPC portal and under pay
for classes you would choose tuition
payment plan for the regular session
that begins Monday this Friday the 16th
is the last day to enroll
there’s a small enrollment fee and then
depending so for this Friday because
it’s so close to the start of regular
session there would be a 50% required
down payment and then it would break
that other 50% up into two separate
payments so that maybe you just put
fifty percent down and then all your
financial aid would be resolved and
everything and you would basically pay
yourself back right for what you put out
before maybe making your next two
payments even in September or October so
I did just want to kind of segue to that
for those of you who are looking for
options on how to pay for classes if you
haven’t completed the FAFSA yet and
we’re gonna maybe have to wait a little
bit for that but you want it you’re
ready to everything else is ready to go
possibly for this Monday it’s a great
option for you okay
oh great what if we got Antonio says I
also have a busy work schedule am i able
to have advisory meeting / financial aid
even these online or on the phone yes
yes you are in fact if you fill out that
Titans live survey you can have one
tonight you can fill out financial aid
and then once a financial aid advisor
speaks to you they can forward you to an
academic advisor who then returned a
call to you as well but yes you can
communicate with your advisors on online
you can do it on the phone you can do it
on person in person on any of our
campuses and then you can do it by email
as well and that that’s true for
financial aid so we definitely have many
ways for you to get the help you need
Antoniou and guess what Antonio for
asking such a great question which
t-shirt size in and your last name we’re
gonna send you a swag bag okay I’m
taking Tonio to another place on our
website if we can show the website up
here for say um go to financial aid and
Tony or just not sure what your schedule
is like but also to just to show you
another opportunity of which you can get
questions answered you can use a speed
at any given time but also to let’s go
to ask FAS okay
this is one of the options that we have
to ask questions online if you click
here online you can put whatever
question you want in regards to
financial aid is going to take you to
another survey you can ask that question
is going to go into our queue and we
would have our online financial aid
advisors get back to you to discuss any
situation that you want if you want to
set up an appointment anything like that
we’re finding today you can submit it by
way of this as well and someone will get
to you you just tell us the time that is
best for us to contact you and we would
do so okay just want to make sure you
know all the different options that you
have to get in contact with someone in
financial aid
fantastic before we get back to holds on
the accounts and pop-up messages there
were a few other questions
aaden’s asking what’s the difference
between the different course start dates
and I think what you’re referring to is
our different sessions so even we offer
a full 16 week session that’s called a
regular session this fall term that
would start on August 19th we offer an
Express session that’s twelve weeks in
length it’s going to start four weeks
later which is September 16th we offer
an eight week one session that begins on
August 19th but it ends mid-october and
only lasts 8 weeks and then we would
have an 8 week 2 session that would
start October 14th and go through the
end of the term which I believe is
December 13th if I remember correctly
the sum of the weekend classes depending
on the credit hour length probably start
and end on different dates I know I
guessed 23rd is the start date for most
but depending on the credit hour of that
course it may have a different end date
it might not last the full term so I
hope I’m answering that question for you
Aidan and then we’ve got Glenda who
asked what if the private college is not
accredited under the same accreditation
as st. Petersburg College would I need
placement testing so Glenda that is a
great question st. Petersburg College
accepts credits from regionally
accredited institutions so if your
school was not regionally accredited
and your high school transcript dictated
that you you need a placement testing
then yes you you would need placement
testing again unless you happen to have
taken the SAT or a CT in the last few
but I would I would caution that that if
I misunderstood your question in any way
I would I would ask that you fill that
Titan survey out so that an advisor can
call you back to confirm your specifics
and make sure you’re on the right track
and that I’m not telling you the
placement test is holding you up when
when you could could get ready to go
with an unofficial transcript sent in to
that advisor tonight okay now we got a
few more questions but we’re just going
to hold off so I was I left off at
missing transcript records hold again
that’s where we can work with you and
you can reach out to admissions dot
records at SB college.edu tonight fill
out that Titan survey if that’s if
that’s holding you up and someone would
get back to you and talk to you about
how that hold might be able to be
removed the next hold I want to talk
about is the permanent resident card
hold that if you see this hold and your
distance student and you’re unable to
come to campus you can scan the front
and back of the permanent resident card
and you can email it to residency
documents at SP college.edu and again if
you have this hold you can do that if
you’ve got any questions about the hold
you can e-mail residency documents or
tonight throw out that Titan flight
survey and I want you to select
admissions and someone will get back to
you on that the final holds we want to
talk about a business office hole it’s
time so we do that one we go ahead and
take a sure sure so we’ve got
Mackenzie’s asking where does the
leftover money go from our book line of
credit okay that depends on how you get
it set up to the business office
typically we have what is called our
bank mobile card um you can have it sent
the record there and if that’s what you
sign up for it you will get a card sent
to you and you can use that but you can
also have it on sent to your personal
bank account if you want these are the
same if you do have it set up for your
personal bank account
when you did the notification that you
have the refund it can take about two to
three business days for the hit your
actual personal account so you have two
ways you can utilize the bank mobile
card which is a third party service that
we work with here at st. Petersburg
College or you can have those funds you
can have those funds funneled through to
your own private bank account so those
are the two ways fantastic fantastic
McKenzie you asked about money i’ma save
you some money I’m gonna send you some
swag put your last name and your t-shirt
size in the chat box and we’re gonna
send that out to you okay
Thomas I see your question and I’m going
to get to that later in the program I’m
going to talk to you about running an
advisement report in a little while and
then Jennifer is asking if I change from
a certificate to us an associate how
long do I have and what was the end of
that question we see in that how long do
I have to take the placement test can I
still get that done in time to register
before the 18th Jennifer that’s that’s
quite possibly if you can go to a local
campus testing is free on any of our
campuses the first time you test results
are immediate and then you can walk over
and speak to one of our wonderful
advisors on campus who can look at your
test scores and then tell you what what
coursework is required initially in
reading writing and mathematics okay so
you definitely can get that done if
you’re a distance student in getting it
done you very well may be able to get it
in time for Monday that is cutting it
close but again we’ve got those weekend
those Express those dynamic dated and
those eight-week two classes so we can
definitely get you in something and get
you started on your first step
academically this term for sure okay now
moving back to the agenda we’re going to
talk about business office holes and
typically these holes are there because
there’s a past due balance that is
sitting out there I mean the most
passive balances can be either
financially related or not none
financially related but one thing I want
to say is this first and foremost quite
often I know a number of students they
let the fact that they have passed
through balances
trying to go move through the process
and get registered don’t do that we have
a lot of different options that we can
utilize to help work with you and
getting that pass-through balance taken
care of specifically there’s a
financially related balance that is past
due we can use current financial aid in
some instances to help take care of
passed through balances as long as your
current financial aid award slash
package there’s enough to cover your
current fees and then some so I
recommend that again if that’s the
situation that you run into then get
that survey completed tonight because
again we are financial aid individuals
that are honest a financial aid experts
are the behind the scenes they can walk
you through their process and assess it
to see if there’s something that you can
move forward and do also in regards to
non financial aid related past due
balances that is something that you will
need to do the survey complete the
survey and submit it to the business
office and they will have someone
contact you as well but again don’t
assume that there’s nothing that you can
do except pay at all them floor before
moving forward there are options and we
want to give you every option that you
have it get you moving again so that you
can get sees your destiny and get going
with that completing that degree
fantastic fantastic we’ve got a question
from Dex about which campus do I go to
to take placement testing and meet with
an advisor well that’s my first
recommendation would be that when you
log in and you click your my status page
you’re gonna scroll under to my academic
status and I want you to look for your
advisors name because your advisor is
very familiar with your community and
your degree here at the college so I
would recommend that you go to your home
campus if you’re able to so that you can
meet with your assigned advisor when
that placement testing is done now that
said testing is offered on most of our
campuses it is offered on a walk-in
basis so if you if you live closer or
work closer to a different campus that
is not a problem you can go to that
campus complete that testing and then
walk over and be seen on a walk-in basis
by an advisor or if you’re an online
student but you live locally you can get
the testing done
campus and then you can always reach out
to your online advisor and schedule an
appointment and we can have a phone
conversation to get you going whatever’s
most convenient for you and whatever
your schedule dictates we’re flexible
that way okay few more questions
well sure that sounds great let’s go to
Erica Erica says if you’re granted
financial aid but you pay your classes
or fees upfront will you still receive
your financial aid award great question
Erica it’s about money you’re getting
free stuff put your last name and your
t-shirt size in there I like yes you
will get your financial aid what you
qualify for
in financial aid is what you qualify for
based on what you compete on your FAFSA
and whether you choose to pay the cats
is upfront or not you are still going to
get your financial aid in this
particular case when we bring in your
financial aid funds whether it’s from
the federal government whether it’s from
the state of Florida or any other
scholarship don’t know what have you the
first any we do is going to look to see
if there are any outstanding fees we pay
those fees there’s anything remaining as
a sample 42 to refund well in your
particular cases you would have already
paid your your outstanding fees when we
go to look for fees there will be there
will be no fees there so that award
would be now given to you in the form of
the refund or reimbursement if you will
well yes to answer your question just
because you pay your fees upfront that
will not preclude you from getting any
unnatural aid has nothing to do with it
you pay you do whatever you want to do
fine estates that you’ve been awarded is
when it comes to you okay
so we have another question from Katelyn
regarding she’s kind of following up –
Mackenzie’s question asking how do you
sign up for the money or get trans get
the money transferred to the bank or to
the that is a question in the end that’s
what you can we have our individuals
waiting for you complete the survey from
the business office and you can get a
hold of them and they can walk you
through that process okay great and then
Zack hi Zack nice nice seeing you glad
you logged in it’s dead Zack said I
enroll in it I rolled into classes but
I’m waiting for my financial aid summary
will I still be able to pay for the
classes past the deadline once financial
aid becomes available for me or will I
have to re-enroll later
and I think he might be talking about
pushing out that due date so you’re
actually not package Zack until you
actually enroll in classes and once you
enroll in classes right for the most
part yeah yeah there’s a chance at this
point time no there’s a chance of it you
could have been awarded prior to a lot
of cases you’re not but we can you can
get awarded I – but to answer his
question specifically if you’re funded
say the war has not come okay and that
dude that is coming yes you have to come
up with a way to get that paid for or
again it will be dropped and therefore
if you’re dropped yes you can go
railroad after you get your financial
aid award but it’s all about timing some
to some students depend upon when they
get it if it’s early in the process and
that file is done we will to start a
warning as soon as we kick off
everything for the 2019 when I could in
one year okay great great
all right so I want to get now – when
you enroll some pop-ups you might
encounter so sometimes students these
are things that sometimes stop students
they think oh no what am I looking at
I’ve done something wrong I’m not sure
what this is I don’t want to click here
and I just want to talk briefly about
them if you were a flexible placement
student the first time you go to enroll
in classes you’re gonna have to accept
or decline flexible placement there’s a
tax form that pops up when you go to
enroll and then there’s another pop-up
called classes not in my learning
planner that I want to talk about so the
first one is accepting or declining
flexible placement if you qualify for
flexible placement and you can you when
you go to enroll in classes it’s going
to ask you initially if you’ll be
declining or accepting any of those
flexible placement recommendations see
down here at the bottom of this page
down here you’re going to click either
decline or accept now if you choose to
decline in any of these areas I want you
to reach out to your academic advisor
and I want you to ask them about ready
set succeed because we like free stuff
don’t we Todd I like giving it away and
the college has a great program right
now for students to qualify for flexible
placement and choose to decline one or
more areas of that flexible placement
there are a few other qualifications
that your advisor can talk to you about
but they’ve got a program it’s a two
semester two term course where you’ll be
provided a coach a mentor and a free
laptop to use Todd and if you complete
just ready sexes succeed for the two
terms I don’t know you could ask fill
out one of those surveys and talk to an
academic advisor and see I think that’s
a great idea if you complete the Ready
Set succeed course called neighborhoods
for success you would get to keep that
laptop so there are there are a few
other you know requirements and things
but if you qualify for flexible
placement and you decline in any area I
want you to reach out to your advisor
because this is a great opportunity
again to get that free swag that free
stuff we like and it’s a free laptop
people if you complete this so reach out
the next pop-up that I want to talk
about is it 1098-t form this is just a
lifetime learning education tax credit
form comes around tax time around
February you just need to indicate if
you want to receive it electronically or
if you want to receive it via u.s. mail
and get a hard copy you click the radio
button that applies and you click accept
and you’re you’re moved through that
process you confirm a little bit of
information like your email address and
your physical address and that’s it now
there’s two more question we have a
couple questions great yeah let’s do
that before we go to the next pop up
okay this is from Lily okay can I take a
placement test at any local college I’m
having trouble finding a place near me
to take your placement test Libby that’s
a great question so yes distance
students can set up Proctor
testing it’s usually at a local
community college near you
there is often a proctoring fee involved
if you’re not a student at that college
but you can set that up what I’d like
you to do is complete the wit survey the
Titans live survey tonight and select
academic advising when someone calls you
back they’ll be able to talk you through
that and finding where to go on the
website to set up proctored testing near
you you can definitely can definitely
set that up for you okay we have another
test what if I took all the tests hurt
when I was in high school because I was
taking college classes during high
school but I haven’t taken any classes
since then do I need to retake reading
writing and math I graduated in 2016 so
Melanie it depends it sounds like you
took the part because you did some dual
enrollment classes and so if you if you
were dual enrolled here at SPC or
another Florida public university or
college on the common course numbering
system then you may very well have taken
a class that would waive that per
testing the only thing I could see is if
based on your high school you may need
per testing but based on your graduation
date if it was a Florida public high
it’s sounding like you would not need
placement testing so again there are a
lot of variations to this so what I’d
ask you to do is fill out that Titans
live survey but it does sound like you
probably took the PERT and took some
dual enrollment classes that would mean
part very well may not be required for
you okay I’m going to use the OU
geoVISTA should I apply for financial
aid first before I register for my class
well that depends again you can do
either or first okay most people think
hey I need to do financial aid first
before I register you don’t have to okay
you can register right now you can be if
you can do you you know application for
financial aid later or you can do your
financial aid and then register later
the main thing that you have to ask
yourself is this if you are going to go
ahead and get registered now because
we’re so close to the star return and if
you haven’t already applied for
financial aid then you need to be able
to pay for that course upfront out of
pocket or payment plan right yeah use
that payment plan therefore get started
right now and go ahead and do that then
get your faster completed after that if
you don’t have the ability to do that or
the means to pay for that course upfront
yes I would recommend that you apply for
financial aid but you can register for
one of the later starts like Express
session and you know Rab mod 2 or
whether that or one of the dynamically
dated all course starts you can register
for those right now because again your
due date is going to be a little bit
down the road like in September
sometimes so again it just depends on
your situation if you’re looking to get
started by Monday you need to make sure
you have the funds available right now
because if you just start in the
financial aid process I can tell you
nine times out of ten is not going to be
completed before classes start of your
do they come up on Monday yeah
great all right so I’m going to get back
to some more pop ups that come up this
one is one that throws students quite a
bit Tod
so it’s classes not in my learning
planner so this pop-up is telling a
student that the course that they’re
trying to enroll in ad f-100 5 you have
entered are not in your learning plan
would you’d like to continue registering
oftentimes students think that means
that course is not required for their
degree or that course will not be
covered by financial assistance all that
means is that the student him or herself
has not set up their my learning planner
with that particular course in it the my
learning planner is a helpful tool
offered through the college and through
your portal it’s something students do
so it’s just telling you you did not put
that course in your my learning planner
it doesn’t have anything to do with
whether that course is actually part of
your curriculum or not or whether it
would qualify from a financial
assistance so my advice would be I would
say yes I would like to continue
registering and then I would just
reconfirm that that is part of your
degree requirements and that it will be
covered and used when calculating
financial assistance so
Vina I think I’m pronouncing that
correctly that’s a great name sign it he
wants to know where to find out how much
the online programs are the tuition and
fees page so let’s take you to that
that’s a great question
so I’m here on the regular web website
the SP college.edu and I’m gonna scroll
down to I’m gonna find the center
financial aid on our table how much
tuition mg’s mm-hmm and then on the Left
I see a tuition and fees link and it
gives you the credit the cost per credit
hour for both lower division and then
upper division which of those 3,000 and
4,000 baccalaureate level programs and
then there is a link to view the current
fee schedule so on there you’ll find lab
fees and various fees that apply to
different classes depending on the
particular class for online classes
right now for lower division the fees
are $15 per credit hour in addition to
the cost of tuition in addition to that
111 75 these fees here that you see
listed here do not get do not take into
consideration lab fees right tuition is
separate from fees but you can click
financial aid and then click on tuition
fees and you can find all the
information you need we have another
question by Tracy what do you do if you
get the pop-up that says that it is not
only your learning plan even though it
is and will not be covered by your
financial aid so I’m not sure Tracy if
this is the pop-up you got when you
tried to register so if this is it it’s
not necessarily not part of your
curriculum and not going to be covered
by your financial aid this pop-up just
means you have not set up your my
learning planner you have not set up
your courses term by term to determine
how long it’ll take you to graduate it’s
it’s basically a tool for students that
you can utilize so if you get this
pop-up that’s what that’s about
now if you’re saying that you received
an email from financial aid saying that
a course is outside your major then I
recommend that you reach out complete
that Titans live tonight ask to speak to
an academic advisor and we can talk
about why that might be kind of coming
up for you might be that you’ve already
taking a class that meets that
requirement or that you’ve motive men
the credit requirement for that
particularly got into a degree program
or you just made a change it may not
have been updating the system yet so you
do have to give at least 24 to 48 hours
for that to get updated in assessment so
that’s they can’t catch up with certain
be a number different reason but if
you’re getting the arrow specifically
speaking of your learning plan that does
not mean that financial aid won’t that’s
a totally different terror message
that’s what Terry was referring to
earlier excellent now speaking of
enrollment error messages I want to go
through a few with you that you’re
likely to encounter Smart Start students
have to enroll in Smart Start it’s a
free orientation that you must take
during your first term of enrollment you
get that error message you need to
enroll in that class comp one comp two
ENC 1101 and 1102 students are required
to complete comp one within the first
six credit hours you attempt unless you
need developmental coursework and you
need to complete comp two within the
first 24 if you get that enrollment
error you have to add the appropriate
class to your schedule if you have
trouble bill that Titans live survey out
and an academic adviser will call you
back and talk you through that requisite
co-requisites certain classes have to be
taken in a particular order one class
before another or one class with another
is in the case of Natural Sciences with
labs additionally if you’re required to
take a developmental course you might
get a requisite error for our SLS 1101
which is the college experience course
within that a great example of the pre
and co-requisite is micro biology
microbiology requires either anatomy and
physiology to with lab or biology one
with the lab and a lab with that course
so just just to kind of give you an idea
of some of the things if you’re getting
that requisite error message and are
thinking what I’m doing everything right
reach out to your academic advisor
that’s what they’re there to walk you
through and if you’re listening to me
tonight I want you to fill out that
Titans live survey so someone will call
you back so we can get you going full
class error messages we talked about
some solutions earlier you can look for
a class that’s open another class of the
same course you can find another degree
requirement to enroll in or you can
submit the SBCC course survey from
within class search yeah and then one
final one you get often is cannot add
the class due to a time conflict again
that means you’re trying to add a class
at a time you’ve already scheduled a
first class for you know if you’re
already taking a class on Mondays and
Wednesdays at three o’clock you can’t
add a class Mondays and Wednesdays at
3:10 same timeframe so you want to
search for another class offering you
want to maybe swap some classes or
consider other course requirements
within your degree we have another
question we do don’t we yeah it’s a
great time because I want to give Lisa a
swag bag Lisa is one of our final
question askers Lisa with your t-shirt
size and your last name in the chat box
and we’re gonna send you some great
Titan merchandise what does at least I
want to know Todd says I’d roll the
SmartStart but cannot find it under my
courses oh great question Lisa so when
you log in under my courses if your
Smart Start starts this Monday and you
might be in mind if you’re online smart
start you might be in my class Lisa
wouldn’t that be fun but you’re not
going to see it until Friday that’s when
it will populate on that kind of landing
page for your my courses and you’ll be
able to go into the course you’ll be
able to view course content see the
class syllabus all of that you’re not
going to be able to see Monday’s classes
today you will be able to see them on
Friday okay do we have any other other
other questions at this time the last
thing I want to show again is steps to
juster you want to click on register for
classes you want to click on enroll you
want to click on add a class you can
search for classes but really I I would
almost pop up two side-by-side screens
right now I would use that the website
page that we showed you earlier are our
websites showing you these great class
lists classes that are open quite easy
to use you can email yourself your
favorites if you click the the star and
favorite them and then you would have
that email with your classes and then
you can toggle back use the class number
and get enrolled in classes if you come
up with any enrollment errors you can
think about the things we’ve discussed
in this webinar and then if not they’ll
let that Titan survey or reach out to
your academic advisor yeah yeah I’ve got
one final question from Kaylee I’m
trying to register for class and chose
EC in the search option however I’m
seeing that various classes have the
room noted as SES pts internet that is a
great question and because I’m an online
advisor and you asked about online
classes Ely I’m sending you a swag bag
put your t-shirt size and your last name
in the chat box so what that means is
the instructor is located or works out
of that particular campus Internet means
that if it’s just se s pts internet that
is offered fully online and the
instructor works out of that out of that
campus I want to I want to let you know
that we’re also gonna send a swag bag to
Kaitlyn who submitted the first survey
so Kaitlyn you submitted the first
survey we may need to reach out to you
to get your t-shirt size but we’re gonna
send you a survey I want to thank you
all for logging in this evening I know
we’re running possibly a few minutes
over so I thank you for hanging in there
with me I want you to know you’re now
part of the Titan family okay that
you’re standing at the door to the Titan
house and we are ready to have you come
in knock on that door we’re going to
open it up and let you in your door
might have some locks but we’re here to
help you unlock those locks and get you
in the keys Jeff and
definitely just the fact that you tuned
in was you taking that first step you’re
now part of our community we care about
you and we’re excited to have you now be
part of our family yes we are Todd I
think it’s been a great webinar what do
you think I think it’s been great
I think it’s been terrific you know what
do you want to say I’m ready to end it
are you yes all right let’s do it

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