Consultation open on New Zealand’s draft Research, Science and Innovation Strategy

Kia Ora, and thanks for taking an interest in the Government’s
new draft Research Science and Innovation Strategy.
Our draft strategy envisions New Zealand as a global innovation hub –
a world-class generator of new ideas
for a productive, sustainable and inclusive future.
This means being at the global frontier
for introducing products, services, and processes,
for solving problems, and capitalising on new areas.
It means making the most of opportunities that are unique to us.
Our strategy proposes we continue our focus
on the excellence and impact of our
research and innovation.
And also focus on developing connections to
create a denser, richer network of
people, ideas, and resources.
We think five action areas will achieve this.
We want New Zealand to be a magnet for talent; so that we grow, retain, and attract the world’s best thinkers.
We want to strengthen connections between research and innovation, here and with the world.
We want to grow our innovative start-up firms and innovation activity in strategic areas.
We want to work effectively within Te Ao Māori.
Finally: we want to make sure our research institutions and infrastructure are strong and working well.
Research, science and innovation are vitally important for New Zealand’s future.
We’re eager to hear what you think of this draft Strategy, so please share your insights and ideas with us.
Thank you

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