Bioprinter developed at UAB shows potential to speed tissue engineering

My name is Wesley LaBarge. I’m a PhD
candidate in the biomedical engineering department in Dr. Jay Zhang’s lab. Our lab
focuses on cardiac tissue engineering and we wanted to make a unique
bioprinting device that prints cellular spheroids that we’ve grown in our lab. So
here we have the bioprinter. It prints spheroids which are made of 200,000
cells and here we have the print head going down to where the spheroids would
be, picking up the spheroids using a vacuum, then once the vacuum has started it moves out of the way and it goes down to the printing surface which is a bed
of needles. The needles act as a support structure to hold the spheroids in place
for larger tissues to be made. So here once on the needles the vacuum turns off
releasing the spheroids which in this case is a four by four arrangement of
spheroids and then it goes back up repeating the
process with as many layers of spheroids that you need

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