B.S. in Technology and Science Education

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>>UW-Stout’s bachelor degree program in Technology and Science
Education offers students teaching certification and technology
education major, plus a biology, chemistry
or physics major or minor certification.
The versatile program prepares graduates for effective and
reflective practice, as technology and science teachers.
UW-Stout’s program is completely unique.
No other colleges or universities in the state of Wisconsin offer a
collaborative, interdisciplinary degree
in technology and science education.
>>I originally came here for technology education, and when
they added the science education, I really, really enjoyed that.
I enjoyed the belief that you can integrate science in a tech ed
classroom and you can do hands-on activities
while still studying the science concepts.
>>You’ll be able to teach not only the technology and science, but
specifically here at Stout, you have an opportunity to each the
interface between the two, which is terribly unique, and
frankly, pretty current, from what students need today.
They have a great opportunity to not only teach the technology portion
of their program, but they can go across the hallway and oftentimes
work in tandem with science teachers, to see how that interface really
happens, and frankly, one of the rare opportunities you’ll find in
the nation, let alone in the Midwest, for that interface to occur.
>>I think that’s one thing we do very well is we actually get into
the classroom and we actually get experience with the students we’re
going to be teaching and working with for the rest of our lives.
>>We’re terribly concerned that you come out of UW-Stout with a
serious knowledge of how the world works, because you’ll be working
with a whole variety of students when
you get out into the public schools.
>>Our classrooms are hands-on, our classrooms, we’re doing stuff.
We aren’t sitting in a chair being passive.
We’re active in our learning, which is something that’s really cool.
>>Teachers that have been hired out in the field after they’ve
graduated from UW-Stout, we constantly get reports from administration
saying that their ability to present their content or their ability to
be excited about the things that they teach from a technology
and frankly, from a stem perspective, is extraordinary.
The placement rate for the Technology Ed
and Science Ed program is at 100 percent.
All students who complete the program are hired right out of school.
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