Automation, UBI & Andrew Yang: Knee Of The Curve with Emmett Short

what’s up everyone today I’m talking
about Andrew yang universal basic income and how Automation is gonna steal your
job even if you’re a doctor lawyer bartender
chef gymnast service dog hooker comedian it won’t be long until I’m replaced in
here and this is my bedroom it’s what Andrew yang calls a tsunami of
unemployment and he’s running for president with a plan to deal with it if
you’ve heard anything about me in my campaign you’ve heard something like
this there’s an Asian man running for president who wants to give everyone
$1,000 on month. hey you had me at Asian man but Wow a thousand bucks a month
that’s enough to buy health insurance plus $500 left over to definitely not
buy drugs with this is Knee Of The Curve welcome to knee of the curve I’m Emmett Short and
if you don’t know this is a show about the topics leading us to the
technological singularity there’s a tsunami a change about to hit us and
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to stay up to date on human obsolescence I know a lot of you are waiting for the
sex robot episode but I’m not gonna put that up until I do rigorous research and
those creepy ass dolls are not cheap and I’m not gonna get one secondhand plus
ubi is a core issue when it comes to sex pots house an honest lady of the night
supposed to pay the bills when robot blowjob machines are popping up all over
London what what that that those are urinals if those are urinals then how
come when I was in one I had a mind-blowing never mind
moving on let’s get into it jobs those things robots keep stealing from
America’s Mexicans I’m kidding Mexicans don’t want these jobs more than
90% of our hired farm workers come from Mexico but we’re seeing a hundred fifty
thousand fewer farm workers each year young peope
growing up in rural Mexico are getting more education that gives them ticket to
higher paying jobs that demand more Skills and provide them with more stable
employment the alternative is to find new ways of growing these crops with
fewer workers so it’s all about technology yeah turns out nobody wants
to stand in the Sun 14 hours a day picking strawberries and if you do
you’ve taken this whole strawberries or my favorite food thing way too far
strawberries are for breakfast or dessert or sex stuff but that’s it
anyway robots are taking our jobs the five most
common jobs in the United States right now are administrative and clerical work
retail and sales food service and food prep truck driving and transportation
and manufacturing those five jobs comprise about half of all American jobs
over the next number of months AI is going to become industry
indistinguishable from a person yeah like the new Google answering service
yeah that comes with the pixel phone so it’s amazing
Google assistant is getting spooky good Google’s Gmail now finishes your
sentences stealing jobs from millions of annoying spouses if you really knew me
that well you’d know I like to finish my own don’t say thoughts I say thoughts
now historically people that feared machines would put everyone out of work
have been called Luddites which is a term from the 1800s for the bands of
English workers who destroyed machinery that was threatening their jobs I think
it was cotton gins or looms but it got pretty violent with a lot of people
dying and one unsympathetic factory owner William horse fall getting his
balls shot off yeah because of looms how many of you
have noticed doors closing where you live I know you’re from all over the
country and why are those stores closing one word answer Amazon Amazon soaking up
20 billion dollars in business every single year how much are they paying in
taxes zero hey Bezos if I were you I’d start
worrying about my balls we automated away four million manufacturing jobs in
Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin and my friends and Technology know we’re
about to do the same thing to millions of retail jobs call center jobs
fast-food jobs truck driving jobs and on and on but
ultimately Luddites have always been wrong every time machines
take over an industry new and often better jobs have been created in fact AI
and robotics are already creating new jobs there is a cafe in Tokyo where the
waiters are actually robots controlled by paraplegic people using eye movements
you got to hand it to technology these people had their spines crushed
technology found a way to crush their souls yeah thanks for the waiter gig
nobody thought of inventing an eye control drafting board so she can get
back to being a fucking architect no thanks for the nine-hour shift serving
coffee to the mobile elite for minimum wage really fills the void from her last
job designing Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium great work okay so that one’s not great
but if hitch history repeats itself more and better jobs will follow why would
this time be any different the Industrial Revolution which people
generally refer to and say hey we’ve been through this before
Bain and McKinsey project that this time is going to be three to four times
faster and larger than that according to economic theory if you were to automate
away 4 million manufacturing jobs which we did those workers would move get
retrained rescaled find new higher productivity jobs and all would be well
but when I dug into the numbers it turns out that almost half of those workers
left the workforce and never worked again and of that group about half filed
for disability and then you saw a surge in substance abuse and drug overdoses
and suicides that’s actually a much better sign of what’s gonna happen when
the three and a half million truckers and the two and a half million call
center worker isn’t the over ten million retail workers suffer from the same sort
of displacement right the scale of job displacement across multiple industries
is going to be bigger than anything that’s happened in the past by orders of
magnitude enter ubi universal basic income or what
andrew yang has rebranded the freedom dividend universal basic income money
for nothing and chicks for free that’s not what it is ubi which the bowel
disease also not what it is we need to have everyone share in all of the gains
from this progress and innovation my flagship proposal of freedom dividend
would put $1,000 a month into the hands of every American so that if your mall
closes or your job gets blasted away you at least have $12,000
year that helps take the pressure off and helps you transition in a better
better direction well that sounds dope but the fear is
that with no jobs available and people getting free money everyone will start
living pointless unproductive meaningless lives basically the whole
country will turn into Housewives of Beverly Hills your D linking income from
actually earning a living when you work that you get more out of it than money
you get self-esteem just incentivized people to be more or less industrious I
would say are you a self-made success story well are you robbing other people
their ability to make be a self-made success story
wait so robots are coming for our jobs and universal basic income is coming for
our meaning but what about the vast majority of people who hate their jobs
does that mean they hate meaning or do some jobs offer people a lot more
meaning than others or maybe the more money you make the more options you have
to create meaningful things in your life like support a family or pursue those
kinds of jobs people don’t hate what are those jobs called oh yeah
careers Chris Rock said it best now the people in the audience with careers need
to learn to shut the fuck up when you around people with jobs
don’t let your happiness make somebody sad yeah it turns out people don’t
really like jobs how did all these people with careers not see that people
like Bernie Sanders I believe in a jobs guarantee why is it
Federal jobs guaranteed better than a universal basic that what a simple
reason I think most people want to work and I believe under a Sanders
administration what we would do is create those jobs you couldn’t even call
it a federal career guarantee no you’re gonna get a government job and you’re
gonna work hard you’re gonna love it because it gives you meaning okay what
kind of job am I gonna get you got an infrastructure which is crumbling we can
put millions of people to work doing that you want me to be a construction
worker hey Bernie fuck you we’re talking half of all jobs in America gone in the
next two decades and you want to create a huge government bureaucracy to manage
everybody’s job I think in practice it would be somewhere between highly and
proud to call and dystopian because if you’ve
ever employed lots and lots of people you have to put a bureaucracy in place
to employ them and monitor them and then if they don’t like their job or don’t
like their boss or aren’t doing a good job and they’re dependent upon that job
for their very survival and you’re guaranteeing them that job then what do
you do and that to me is the path we must avoid
it might be well intended but we might as well just give everyone gray overalls
while we’re at it so what will people do if it’s not mandatory government jobs
which let’s hope that doesn’t happen Bernie you psychopath what do you bi
opponents think people are gonna do when the tsunami of unemployment hits just
calmly adjust the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the century included mass
riots that killed dozens of Americans and caused billions of dollars worth of
damage we now have Labor Day as a national
holiday because of those riots we implemented Universal High School in
1911 and part as a response to these problems so even if you just rely upon
history you would expect a lot of violence and tumult and conflict
Luddites are gonna wreck shit it’s a recurring theme but what you may not
realize about those original Luddites is they weren’t angry with the machines if
technology was gonna be used in a way to benefit at everyone they were happy with
it they saw this really not as a technological fight but an economic
fight when the Luddite started breaking machines it was because they had lost
their attempt to mitigate the way that economic change would happen yeah people
don’t have a problem with the machines doing tasks we don’t want to do we love
that the problem is with the economic upheaval that comes along with the
transition the choice we have to make is who’s in control of our economic future
who do you think is most capable of creating the new more fulfilling and
higher paying jobs of the future the government andrew yang says you are do
we want to work for ourselves or do we want to work for the government and and
if this is the the choice we have if this is the choice we have it’s not
about what would serve our government it’s what would serve ourselves we are
the owners and shareholders of the society it’s our wealth and we should be
able to decide what we want to do with it
opponents say the big problem to doing UVI is people are going to be too lazy
to do anything so nothing will happen seems like the
choices between nothing happening or people getting their balls shot off if I
was a software engineer my balls would be donating to Andrew Yang’s campaign
and guess what here are the top five occupations of donors to the yin-yang
software engineers number one so these are the people that are closest to the
action when I talk to software engineers they’re like oh yeah it’s real because
they know what’s going on the smartest of them have been talking about ubi for
years I think ultimately we will have to have some kind of universal basic income
I don’t think we’re gonna have a choice basic minimum earnings for everybody so
that every there’s nobody that is having to sleep on the street we should explore
ideas like universal basic income to make sure that everyone has a cushion to
try new ideas these are the guys making the machines I say we trust their
self-interest and let them give us money it’s like pre-emptive reverse extortion
it’s like if a small business went to the mob and was like hey can we pay you
some money to protect us from you it’s brilliant and it’s worth taking a moment
to reflect on why this is all happening right now and it’s in the name of the
show Denis the curve the line on the graph is the rate of technological
advancement it’s growing exponentially and the point of most extreme change is
the knee of the curve humanity is getting very close and things are going
to change faster than they’ve ever changed before that’s why we need to
react to this problem in a way we’ve never tried before now look I don’t know
if universal basic income is gonna fix all the problems of this job loss
tsunami but after you understand the situation and listen to all the other
plans it absolutely seems like the least crazy
if you’d like me to have a basic income I’m only $1,000 a month away from
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100 thoughts on “Automation, UBI & Andrew Yang: Knee Of The Curve with Emmett Short”

  1. I work hard and kill it for a very profitable company every day. I've been here for 5 years and i work 50-60hrs. I kill it on every metric. I've not had a job so far in my lifetime that couldn't be automated with tech from 5 years ago. So much of our economy is rent seeking. Let it die and give me a piece of the new machine. Maybe i could take some time to continue the species or visit the brick and mortar stores before they disappear (more likely).

  2. $1000 a month is not gonna make ppl quit their job cause you can no live off $1000. That isnt even enough to pay for rent and bills. People will still keep their jobs and the $1000 will help them with rent and living expenses without stress of living off paycheck to paycheck worrying how you will pay for next months rents.

  3. Freedom Dividend makes so much sense. The US needs to lead the UBI forward. $1000/month will make so much difference to lots of Americans. Andrew Yang the next US president.

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  6. Comedians don't get enough credit for being highly intelligent. To be witty a person must have strong intuition to see the patterns and connections, which makes the joke funny. Intuition is by far the greatest factor of intellectual intelligence. Yang isn't exactly a comedian, but he is quick on the wit. When asked how he would have handle hurricane Dorian, he responded, "well first, I would have a good supply of sharpies in my desk."

  7. "The smartest of them have been talking about UBI for years". Yes, but in the minds of people suffering from the Dunning Kruger Effect, they know better than the "smartest of them". Most people are smarter than they know…..because they don't know enough to actually know how smart they really are.

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  12. "Can we pay you to protect us from you?" Excellent question, but how about:
    "Can we pay you so you can continue to afford the stuff you need that makes us the 1%?"

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  17. I am Chinese and live in Australia. I can’t stop watching Yang’s vids. He is the only one point out the real problems and give solutions. I really hope the leaders in Australia and China will address these problems and prepare for future. Americans needs choose the good president who understand tech and how it’s gonna impacts on normal peoples lives. It is not only for America, also for the world.

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  24. Great points. Keep up good work. Andrew Yang is the right choice for the country. Joe Biden will fade away because of his son's involvement in Ukraine. Bernie Sanders has health issues. Elizabeth Warren is a habitual liar, lying too many things.

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  26. Harry Potter is a multi-billion dollar IP that was created on welfare, with the freedom dividend a lot more people would be FREE to create. Yang2020!

  27. If I have the freedom dividend, I'd get married, and continue to make YouTube videos, work with my family, learn coding, do projects at home, etc….

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    I have never heard something more entitled in my life! He sounds like a child playing knights and dragons where his mom just came in and said he has to go sleep and the child goes "momma but I didn't slay the dragon!!! what will the princess think of me!!!!????"

    I have yet to hear from someone who'd prefer a "success story" (which I must remind you is a gamble, thousands of people lose to the one winner) over 1k a month.

  30. something similar to fjg happened in Argentina. One of the problems is that it's kind of like nuclear waste. Once you've started, it's hard to get rid of it, especially the longer it exists for. The moment the government has the need to start austerity, it will ruin many lives bc unemployment will skyrocket and it'll be hard to jumpstart businesses when everyone is too poor to invest. Sure, worker coops can arise by having many people invest, but it doesn't come that quickly. It can cause ruin in the future.

  31. Honestly, he would be the only reason I would vote outside of Republican or Libertarian. Never voted for Democrat because they're so far left and far from bipartisan. But I'd vote for him if he won the nomination.

  32. Yang's UBI is a Trojan Horse that is funded by looting the social safety net by 80% and a regressive tax that furthers wealth inequality.

    He's not for a Living wage for full-time workers, Higher Education and Healthcare as a Human Right, student and medical debt cancellation, or a Federal Jobs Guarentee.

  33. 10,000 baby boomers a day are hitting retirement. We have a worker shortage, too. It's more complicated.

  34. It would take a 31% to 40% VAT on almost everything people spend money for, to make this work. It would take 31% VAT on most goods and services and on data, plus the savings from other welfare programs to give 200M of the 247, 813,910 estimated adults in the US, $1000/mo. To fund all the adults would take 40%. Please check this and tell me if you find errors. MATH ☺

    How much is needed to give everyone $1000/mo?

    To give every adult $1000/mo
    Is 247,813,910 × $12000 = $2,973,766,920,000 which rounds to $3T

    What would it cost for 200M to receive $1000/mo?

    200M × $12,000 = 2,4000,000,000,000, $2.4T needed.

    Since VAT is a consumer tax let's look at how much consumers spent to find out how much revenue could be made by taxing it. (Business to business transactions unless one is the final customer yield 0% VAT revenue. A short video that gives a simple explanation of how this works in the EU is, "What is VAT and how does it work? Will's Whiteboard" The channel is Avalara. )

    The total consumer spending for 2018, was $12.9T. If we subtract housing (2.2T), healthcare (2.2), food (1T), and clothes (0.4), then we are left with $7.1T. Let's take 10% of that. It's .$0.7T. (710B)

    So the amount generated from taxing 10% of all goods and services except rent/mortgage, groceries, clothes, and medical, would be $710B. That's still taxing 10% of every pizza order, Netflix, car payment, home repair, vacation, haircut, yachts, etc equals $710B. ($0.7T)

    If there was a Data tax. Data is between 100B to 200B industry, now. Let's say 200B. 10% of 200B is $20B. ($0.02T)

    So now we have 710B + 20B =730B.

    ➡Let's figure in government savings from other welfare programs. The freedom-dividend website figured out the amount from savings on welfare programs to be $161.57B. The UBI Center figured the number to be 151B. We'll take the $161.57B for this estimate.

    161.57B+730B = 891.57B

    Now the new total is 891.57B

    ➡The revenue generated from 10% VAT + 10% DataTax + gov't savings = $891.56B

    Let's suppose everyone opted in how much would that give each one per month?

    $891.57B ÷ 257,813,910 = $3597.74 ÷12 = $299.81/mo

    What about if only 200M people opt in?

    891.57B ÷200M = $4457.85 ÷12= $371/mo

    ➡What would it take with a VAT and data tax, plus savings from welfare to get the $2.4T, so 200M people could opt in?

    7.1T consumer spending + 0.2T(data) × .31(VAT) = 2.26T + 0.16157T (savings) = $2.4T

    It would take savings from existing welfare programs plus a 31%VAT on data and 31% on every good and service except health care, rent/mortgage, food and clothes to get the number close to the $2.4T. The amount needed to give 200M people a check for $1000/mo

    The 31% VAT would cut consumer sales, so I doubt it would work out to actually generate that amount, though.

    The US Census Bureau estimates there are 247,813,910 of adults in US, (not all are citizens). How many would opt in? If everyone did. It would be ~ $3T in checks sent out. ($29,737,669,200,000)

    ➡What would it require for every adult to get $1000/mo?

    7.1T(consumer spending) + 0.2T (data) × .40 (VAT) + .16157 (gov't savings) = $3.0T
    So it would take a 40% VAT on most spending and on data plus the savings from welfare.

    People would run out of money to buy things and not buy enough to fund it if there was a 31% to 40% VAT.

    Another thing that would work mathematically is if prices were was 3 to 4 times higher and then a 10% VAT was added onto the price. People would run out of money first .

    Another mathematical option is for everyone to buy 3 to 4 times more of almost everything. People would run out of money first.

    If it remained at 10% and was therefore, not fully funded, it would require borrowing money and giving that borrowed money to the consumers to spend. Beside increasing the $22T national debt that has to be paid back with interest to bond holders, it requires increasing the money supply or "printing money" and handing it out. This causes inflation. Prices rise.

    If over 2/3 of the $2.4T to $3T is unfunded that means over 2/3 of it is printed money dumped into the consumer market. At the top amount that would be 2T more money into a $12.9T consumer market place. That would make the dollar worth less. Like anything else, scarcity makes something more valuable and excess diminishes the value of it.

    It creates "too much money chasing too few goods" which is the definition of inflation. (Prices rise)

    Consumers having this much more money would cause a lot more demand for goods and services than supply. That makes prices rise to cut the demand to a more manageable amount for suppliers to meet. How much would prices rise? They could rise a lot especially in things like rent, used car prices, vacations spots, and highly sought after items like designer athletic shoes.

    To see how demand and supply effect prices, Economist Thursday, in 2014, made a cartoon video to explain why it doesn't work to hand out money to everyone. It Is a short engaging video, that explains this. I put it on a playlist, too, if you're interested. It's called, "Why Don't We Print More Money?" It focuses more on the demand and supply cause of the prices rising than the money printing part of it. For that apart, I like the video "Inflation explained in 1 minute", by One Minute Economist .

    They are both oversimplified, but informative. IMO. Both are on a playlist on my channel with videos explaining how the VAT in the EU works, if you want easy access to them. Don't worry, I don't make videos. These aren't partisan videos. They were all made prior to the election cycle. ☺

    PS. How much would administration costs be? I didn't include them because I didn't know how to make an accurate estimate. Any ideas for doing this?

    This involves dealing with all the companies to collect it and audit it, prevent fraud, and screen applicants, distribute it accurately to every eligible adult who opts in and get funds from other welfare programs.

    Also fraud. How much would fraud cost? How to prevent it?

  35. I'm not trying to be the government's bitch anymore than I have to be. Nothing is free, and you've got to think about the strings or "chains" that will come with that kind of allowance. Trumps going to win again anyway.

  36. is a visionary. His ideas and policies will change the US and the world for the better.
    He's doing it already. So many people from overseas are giving Yang lots of attention and respect.

  37. Every time I watch this I just want to run through the town screaming Vote for Yang. Please if you can raise money for Yang… !

  38. Great Vid , shame so many just dismiss anything Andrew says and label him with every negative adjective they can think of , average IQ in the US is lowering by the day

  39. Yang is ignoring that if AI is allowed to develop, without government taxes and control, then everything will be extremely inexpensive. Need a new house, a robot will build it, all powered by the sun. Money may not matter at that point. Especially when robots can build themselves and everyone has one. All of this is 50+ years away though and Yang is 20 years too early.

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