AI in the Healthcare|IEI x QNAP Partner Day (English Subtitles)

Hello everyone
This is David Hung from IEI
and I’m the medical product manager of IEI group
everybody knows that
Artificial intelligence in healthcare
is the hottest topic in recent time
the related applications and industries are
expected to have a very high growth rates
in the following years
so today we are going to introduce
the AI application deployed
on our latest medical computing systems
firstly, you can see
there is a colonoscopy running on our POCm-W24C
because colon cancer could occur everywhere
in the large intestine
the medical personnel
need to be very cautious every time
when they’re doing colonoscopy
this app assists doctors to pay more attention
when any information
infections, polypus
or any other abnormal tissues
are detected in the gastrointestinal check inspection
we try to use this AI application to
avoid the potential human error
resulting from fatigue
or distraction in their daily clinical work
this year, IEI also launches our newly design
6-bay charging dock
which is ideal for the usage in the hospital environment
as you can see
the flat and smooth surface
makes it very easy to be sterilized
and the slide-in design also avoid
the accumulation of dust
moreover we also offer the battery monitoring app
for our customers
this app informs the battery status
not only locally but also remotely for our end users
PM Terry will introduce the AI application for you
Hi I’m Terry
and I’m very glad to present
the medical AI inference application to you today
IEI develops a high quality and reliable
medical grade embedded system, HTB-100
and HTB-100 supports flexible expansion
such as equipping a GPU card
for brain tumor AI inference
and cyberknife is usually used to cure the brain tumor
it is equipped with a linear accelerator
on a robotic arm system
with 2 X-ray cameras to precisely position
and deliver radiation beams to destroy tumor cells
In traditional process
to create a treatment plan
at least 2 doctors have to manually mark
and shape the brain tumor area in every picture
and because of the complicated work loading
it usually takes a whole day
to serve only one case
and after using the AI inference application
to mark the brain tumor area automatically
it will take a few seconds to analyze
and it is more time saving
and more precise to help the doctors
to solve the work loading issues and errors
and thanks for your attention
if you have any question, please feel free to contact us
Hello everyone, my name is Scott
I’m a project manager from IEI
today I will be introducing you
the dermatological diseases classification implemented
on our MODAT-550A
and our TS-6085
the nurse can use our MODAT-550A
to scan the barcode on the wristband of the patient
and take a picture of the affected disease area on the skin
then send both of the information
back to our server
the server will run a simple AI calculation
and send back the results
to our MODAT-550A
the nurse will then have a result of
what type of the scanned disease the patient might have
so when it comes to dermatological diseases
they’re hard to be diagnosed by the human eyes
and usually a pathological examination will be needed
the goal here
is to have a trained AI model to ease the doctor’s workflow
and that will be all for today, and thank you very much

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